Meatless days

Day 2. Blog 2. Wow, am I really writing another entry this VERY next day? I’m impressed with myself. So, today it’s all about my new adventures in pescatarianism.

Pesca WHAT? I’ll explain.

I have been on the fence with giving up meat for awhile now, simply because I had been starting to not enjoy the taste. The tipping point for me was watching the documentary Vegucated, in which 3 people adapted a vegan diet for 6 weeks.

The documentary showed scenes from slaughterhouses and the practices used to mass-produce meat. Now, I understand that meat is an integral part of many peoples’ diets, and honestly that’s cool. What’s NOT cool is how these huge companies have to produce more and more meat for Americans, and they do so at the expense of animals’ well-being. It was gut-wrenching to watch what these industries do to cows, pigs, and chickens simply to meet (meat?) the ever-growing demand for grocery stores. I won’t go into detail, but take it from Paul McCartney, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with farms making a living through raising animals, and eventually euthanizing some of them *humanely* for food. But that’s not where the majority of our meat comes from. The farms can’t compete with huge industries anymore, unless they start adapting less-than-humane ways of producing meat.

Before you label me as a crazy person who will chain themselves to a rainforest (well– don’t put it past me), hear me out. My husband is a hunter. I’ve eaten deer meat he has killed and enjoyed it. The difference, in my opinion, is the deer is killed quickly, humanely, and for a purpose.

As I’m living a more yoga-based life, I keep coming back to one of the principles of yoga: nonviolence. It aligns more with my way of life to fuel my body with foods that come from a place of nonviolence, not a place of pain and fear. So that was the basis of my choice.

For now, I will still be choosing to eat seafood (hence ‘pescatarian’) and small amounts of dairy. I’ve been getting my protein from black bean burgers, beans, Shakeology, and other non-meat dishes. I feel like this has become a natural choice for me, which is why is doesn’t seem difficult to make the subtle shift.

I have no bad feelings toward anyone who eats meat (husband — hunter, remember?) this is just MY journey & you’ve kindly taken time to read my thoughts.

Day 2 blog completed. Wow, I feel like this is a milestone for me!

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  1. Good luck with the first few steps of your journey! I started pescatarian and now have gone almost entirely vegan haha check out my blog for recipes!


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