hustle for your dreams

My mid to late 20s are quickly turning in to some of the most difficult and heart-wrenching years of my life. I know, dramatic, right? I’ve found part of what lights up my soul is helping people discover that they don’t have to settle for a job they aren’t in love with. My post today is a culmination of all the books I’ve read as of late, and this is just my TINY take on life, but maybe it will hit you in some way (that being said, read anything by Gary Vaynerchuk or Jon Acuff.. they are hilarious & will get you thinking about what the heck you’re doing with your life).

After college, I did the whole “Corporate America” thing. But then, after I moved 1100 miles away from my hometown & left my job.. I was at a turning point. Did I want to work in a new office, different location, still defining my life in a Monday through Friday 9-5? No. Not at all, in fact. I wasn’t passionate about the whole “sitting in one place for 8 hours a day” thing. (Side note– if this is you and you LOVE your desk job, COOL! This is just MY story.. there’s tons of different ones out there). So I made a choice 2 years ago that has since changed my life:

I hustled.

No. I didn’t sell drugs or do anything illegal. I worked HARD for the things I most wanted in life. I did a lot of thinking & realized that I’m driven enough to work for myself, without a boss telling me what to do, when to do it, and which days in the year I may have off for vacation. No ma’am. My goal is to set my OWN hours, take vacation when I want– heck, even work part time on vacation because it’s what I can do– and I don’t mind it at all. But what kinda job would that even be? By the grace of the universe (Cheers, God) I met a friend & was introduced to network marketing through Team Beachbody. NO it’s not a pyramid scheme. We don’t pay $500 to sign up and SPAM people and make money by how many human robots we can find. Yeah.. no. For the past year and a half, I’ve built my own business on social media as a Beachbody Coach helping people workout, eat better, and feel like their efforts mean something. I’ve seen a mom lose 60 pounds in 10 months. I have been side-by-side with my cousin-in-law competing in a mud run (something she thought she’d never be physically able to do), I’ve seen my mom have more natural energy with drinking Shakeology since she had to stop drinking caffeine and now she works out at age 63 (people seriously cannot believe her age). I get to do all this from my home, on my hours, and design the life I want to live.

Did this all happen at once? Heck no. I wanted to give up lots of times.. when I felt my social media presence was hitting no one, when I invited people to workout at home and never heard back. All the while, I kept my serving job, I kept babysitting, I taught & still do teach yoga– I provide for myself while HUSTLING on my dream. Today, I’m able to leave that serving job (and I DID- a week ago- FIST BUMP!), to babysit less, to teach yoga MORE (another one of my passions) because I had a vision of working for myself, and have never given up on it. I’m helping people from home.. I’m out of my comfort zone everyday, and by all means– I do NOT have it all figured out. But I can tell you honestly, I never wake up with the Monday morning blues, I never feel like my work doesn’t mean something, and my heart has been on FIRE for this opportunity to be a #girlboss. 

Network marketing isn’t for everyone. If you join my team and I train you how to work from home, awesome. If you’ve been turned off to ever reading my blog again, cool– your life, remember? I just hope this post on a random Thursday sparks a passion in you. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that there’s a way for every human being to do something they love. But it’s disguised in creativity and hard work. So think long term– make choices today that can result in a life you’ve only dreamed of 2-3 years from now. It’s possible, and I’m living proof. Never give up the hustle. 




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