day one of my 3 Day Refresh


I’ve been feeling BLAH with my body as of late. I work out, yes, but my “healthy” eating has taken a nosedive. I justify that I can eat what I want as long as I’m working out, which is so NOT true (Health is only 30% exercise and 70% nutrition..yikes, I know). So, enough with this bloat-y, yucky feeling I’ve been carrying around for half the summer. I’m teaching by example and decided to give Beachbody’s new 3-day cleanse, the 3-Day Refresh, a shot. 3 days, I can wrap my mind around. 3 days, I can stick to. 3 days- seriously, if I can’t do this for 72 hours.. someone reach through your iPhone and pinch me! 

What is it? A quick, non-starvation cleanse of lower calorie, high nutrient food & shakes. Vegan Shakeology (a nutrient-dense, superfood shake I’ve been adding to my daily diet for over a year now) for breakfast, fruit, a fiber supplement, a “Vanilla Fresh” protein shake for lunch, more fruit, and clean dinner recipes like veggie stir fry, kale with pine nuts, cucumber and tomato salad. 

No meat, seafood or dairy — but I’ll still be getting fiber and protein from my natural shakes & from vegetables. So for the next 3 days you’ll get to hear directly from the horse’s (hmm.. I don’t want to be a horse. Can I be a yogi? Yes, Ashley, it’s your life. You can) ..rather, YOGI’s mouth how this cleanse is going. I’m still working out with my home program PIYO, but will be taking it easy since my calories will be around 900 for each day.

If this works, you’ll hear about it. If it’s awful, I’ll be honest. If I cheat.. you’re pinching me, right? 

Today I’ve had vegan chocolate Shakeology blended with strawberries, and did some yoga in the grass.


I’ve had the “fiber sweep” supplement that comes with my cleanse.. honestly– I plugged my nose and chugged it. Now on the vanilla shake and a serving of fruit, veggies, and a healthy fat (avocado) for lunch. 

Stay tuned for day 2! 


xo Ashley 

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