5 foods to never put in your body

I generally like to keep things uplifting & positive on this blog, along with what we CAN do to get healthier.. but sometimes you just need the low-down on what NOT to do.


In today’s case, here are 5 common foods to start seriously cutting back/eliminating altogether from your diet:


1.) Artificial Sweeteners:


Just. Not. Good. They may be zero-calorie, but those zero-calories are filled with chemicals. Studies show these bad boys are linked to health issues like type 2 diabetes & cardiovascular disease.

Better Alternative: If you *must* add sweetener to your drinks, try Stevia — it’s an all-natural sweetener. But still, just try to say goodbye to these guys altogether. 


2.) Microwaved Popcorn


I know, it’s a convenient, Netflix-watching snack. But microwave popcorn is filled with, again, chemicals & flavoring agents that pose health risks. The chemicals that line the bag are also another factor in why you should put down the bag.

Better Alternative: Use plain popping kernels & invest in an air popper– then leave the butter alone & season with spices like cayenne pepper, paprika & chili powder. 


3.) Refined White Flours


Primarily- bagels. I know they make your day when an employee brings them in to the office, but trust me, those few moments of bagel bliss aren’t worth the toll it takes on your body. Bagels are made of refined white flour — which can lead to increased blood sugar levels and can feed cancer cells. 

Better Alternative: Do your office friends a solid & bring in a fruit tray — or just make bagel day very, very seldom. Moderation is key.


4.) Canned Tomatoes


Bisphenol-A is found in the lining of canned foods, which is, yes, another chemical that is linked to heart disease and other ailments. Canned tomatoes are vulnerable to this chemical because they are highly acidic.

Better Alternative: Use fresh fruit/vegetables over canned whenever possible


5.) Frozen Dinners


Yikes. Just avoid. They are stuffed with calories, are highly processed & contain excessive amounts of sodium.


Better Alternative: Buy fresh foods and your local grocery store– steam some veggies, grill or bake your protein, and heat up a sweet potato. NOT hard– if this non-chef can do it.. so can you!


There it is. I’m just watching out for ya, readers. Just say no to these chemical-ridden foods.. and focus on eating fresh, local, and in season.


xo Ashley 

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