top tips for an energizing day

I struggle with that mid-afternoon slump.. I would bet most of us do. But I’m one to stay away from sugary things to pump me up (..only because I know I’ll just fall back down again 30 minutes later). I’m all for natural forms of sugar rushes, and here’s what I’ve found to be the best.

1.) Get upside down!


You don’t need to have this sweet aerial yoga hook up, either. Just get somewhere where you can put your feet above your head for at least 5 minutes. The reverse-blood flow is good for your circulation & can leave you feeling refreshed. 


2.) Drink Shakeology or another *Natural* supplement


I’m all about getting the most for your money, which is why I’ve budgeted for Shakeology every month for almost 2 years. It’s an all-natural nutrient shake that gives me a boost.. seriously. Drinking it every day over time has decreased my “need” for coffee. I recommend this brand because of the high-quality ingredients & zero artificial sweeteners.. but I’m not here to pitch a brand. As long as you can find a good quality nutrient or protein shake out there, mix or blend with some almond milk and ice for a tasty pick-me-up.


3.) Water, Water, Water.

Yes, this clear liquid can wake you up, make you feel more alert, and get your body functioning at a higher level, So simple, right? Just drink more water! Plus using the restroom will wake you up 🙂


4.) Exercise



Again, so simple. Are you a stay-at-home-mom? Take your kids on a walk. At work? Do a lap around the building — call it a “sunshine break” (my friend and I used to take them. It’s a real thing.) Stand up and stretch your arms over your head & take 3 deep breaths. Anything to get the heart rate pumping. And if you sit at a desk all day, it’s really important to get active once every hour or so. Our bodies weren’t meant to sit in one place all day long. 


It’s Friday– get up, get moving, and skip that mid-afternoon slump today!



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