i moved, therefore i bloat

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My husband and I just moved from Alabama to Virginia, and during this past week my nutrition suffered. I only made a few different choices, but they really affected me overall. SO- feeling a little ICKY today? Here’s what I did last week and what I recommend you DO NOT do! 

5 Habits to Avoid 

Please do NOT:

1.) Eat a bigger meal within 3 hours of sleeping. You’ll go to bed, and most likely wake up, feeling YUCK.

2.) Drink a tiny bit of water. DO THE OPPOSITE! Chug water all day, as often as you think about it. Water helps to cleanse your body & even improves your skin & hair. Drink it please.

3.) Start your day with sugary sweets. Just say no to the Lucky Charms, tons of maple syrup or sugary coffee. Start to train yourself to make healthier breakfast choices: like eggs, Shakeology, steel – cut oats with fruit. Your body will be craving sugar all day if you start your morning on a sweets buzz.

4.) Go hours without eating. This is a BIG no! Your body craves fuel– we should be feeding it every few hours with healthy, small meals or snacks. Going a long time without food will trick your body into thinking it’s starving, so when you finally do eat it will store much of the food as fat. Counter-productive, right?

5.) Mindlessly snack. Avoid the big bags of chips. Know your triggers. Do you snack while watching TV or on the phone? Consciously avoid snacking during those times, or pre-portion a snack while in a trigger-eating activity. Before you know it, that whole bag of Doritos is gone & you feel it churning in your stomach.


Avoid these things– or forgive yourself for doing these things & MOVE ON! Today is STILL a new day! 



Do you need some one-on-one coaching to help you with your eating habits? My next 7 day FREE clean eating group will be starting on Monday, September 1. Comment & I’ll get with you for more info! 

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