energizing yoga poses you CAN do

We all feel tired during the day, unless you’re some supersonic crazy energy person (…I am not). So, I’ve chosen 3 yoga poses you can do, or work up to doing, when you feel tired & need a natural energy boost. Cool? So take 3 deep breaths & LEGGGO! I’m feeling more awake already. 

1.) Handstand

photo 1This does not need to be a perfect, hold-on-your-own handstand like you see on Instagram. Just get yourself up to a wall, kick you feet to said wall, and hang out for a few seconds! Being upside down is so great.. it reverses your blood flow & floods energy back to the heart & head. Plus, you feel like a kid and want to keep kicking up into your awesome handstand. Try it. I bet you can’t do just one.


2.) Chaturanga (Low Plank)  

photo 2


This pose is, in my opinion, one of the hardest in yoga & I could blog for a week on the form. Just know it doesn’t need to perfect but you DO need to keep your back safe. The TOP PICTURE is BAD FORM. Your stomach should always be lifted in this four limb staff pose. The BOTTOM PICTURE is CORRECT FORM. Belly lifted, elbows stacked over wrists, chin reaching out. If this is too difficult right now, simply drop your knees but keep your torso lifted away from the mat. 

Chaturanga will most definitely energize you because there’s so much to focus on, and after a few seconds your triceps & core will be yelling at you. It’s an amazing total-body strengthener & you should implement it into your fitness routine 🙂


3.) Flip Dog 

photo 3

Not originally in the yoga sequence, this pose was adapted by Baron Baptiste because he thought it was fun. And it IS fun! Why not flip your top leg over & turn your heart to the sky? Once again, it’s energizing because your heart is stretched, you’re opening your airway and turning yourself upside down. I look *so serious* but this pose is tough to do without a smile.. especially when the sweat starts to drip into your eyes & ears. 

How do you get there? From down dog, lift your right leg up, and bend it 90 degrees. Start to take that bent foot and bring it to the ground as you turn your hips to the sky. Reach forward with your right hand and push your hips up even higher. 


Now start to do these in the office at 3 in the afternoon, and get your co-workers to join you. No need for coffee– just yoga! 


xo Ashley 



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