a sucky life or an empowered life .. your mindset is everything


This subject has been on my mind (no pun intended) a whole lot lately. I’m usually not one to talk about my weaknesses, but if you’re investing in me & reading this, the least I can do is be honest about what I’m going through.

Transitions are tough. Moves are tough. I don’t think anything can really prepare you for jumping into a new city & leaving behind friends, job, and routines. My husband Brian accepted a job in Richmond VA and a few weeks ago we moved here from Gulf Shores, Alabama– where I was employed as a yoga teacher & marketing coordinator for our yoga studio. I was split– a part of me was really sad to leave great friends I’d made & an amazing job, but the other part was excited. My extended family is in Pennsylvania, and after spending 2 plus years being 18 hours away, 4 hours made seeing them often a reality again. 

So 3 weeks ago, Brian and I packed up everything and drove from the gulf coast to Virginia. We transitioned to a smaller apartment in a brand-new city without knowing anyone (aside from a few friends or friends). He started his job, and I jumped into working my Beachbody Coaching business with gusto. For those who don’t know, I have my own business as a coach for Beachbody — helping people anywhere in the country get motivated to lead a healthier life. 

I’m a social person by nature, and honestly, this move has been tough. Yoga studios aren’t hiring, gyms aren’t calling me back, I’m a little stressed about losing income I had grown accustomed to, and I’m unsure of which opportunities to pursue. 

Last night I hit a low.. I didn’t even finish all my home workouts, if that gives you any clue as to how I was feeling (that RARELY happens because I’ve got so many people to be accountable to). I ate ice cream for lunch, don’t think I even ran a brush through my hair, and was a blubbering mess by the time Brian got home.

I needed to snap out of it. I needed to get up, brush off my crumb-covered shorts & DO SOMETHING. I had allowed negative thoughts to become my reality. “You’re not making enough money to get by” “You don’t have any friends” “How can you even make friends if you aren’t part of a yoga studio?” “You’re still too far away to pop over & see your family whenever you want.”

Bullshit. I’m sorry, but I’m calling bullshit on my own mind. My reality is NOT my thoughts, yet I was feeding into them like a moth to a flame. I’m building an empire in my business, I’ve got plenty of savings to not worry about money right now, I’ve got other employment opportunities in the mix, and I’ve got a great marriage. HELLO!? Some people have NONE of those things! Why am I the guest of honor at my own pity party?

I think, being a “motivator” online has driven me to internalize my moments of doubt. The reality is, I’m just a person who works very hard to uplift other people. But it’s selfish too– because when I’m strong for them, I’m strong for myself. Unfortunately, I let these last few weeks define me through my thoughts, NOT who I am at my core. This phase will pass. I will be settled in a new area, I will meet like-minded people, I will establish my income to the level it needs to be, and then some.

Moral of this post? Don’t let your passing thoughts define who you are. We’re faced with two choices everyday: to believe in the negative or the positive. Have a positive mindset on the crappiest day & a funny thing happens– the day isn’t so crappy anymore. As cheesy as it is, I’m checking out of my pity party. I can still lead an empowered life and have sucky days, but I’m choosing that those days are over. Life’s more fun when I’m not wallowing.

Peace & positivity, 




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