you don’t have to be known for one thing


If you knew me at all in my post college, pre-Beachbody and yoga days, you’d find me running. Not always dressed up in Valentine’s Day gear, but still– I’d be running. And I’d like to say I was one of those people who would run every day, constantly bettering their time & burning crazy calories… but I wasn’t. I was more of a few times a week, 20 minute run, a few 5Ks a year type runner. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I was a runner. However, when I found a passion-turned-job of helping people get fit, I became more serious about my own fitness.


I began my career as a Beachbody Coach in October of 2012. I found that these crazy home DVD fitness programs that you see on informercials at 2am really did work for me (although I saved my working out for the daylight hours). I started gaining muscle, losing weight, drinking a nutrient-dense meal a day called Shakeology, and working out more often. Honestly, running wasn’t as important to me when I was sweating my booty off in my living room, working out with trainers like Chalene Johnson and Shaun T. Okay, so now I am a home workout person, and online coach. That’s what I am.


But then yoga came into my life in a powerful way in the summer of 2013. I began teaching at a power vinyasa studio — I even increased my teaching to 6 classes per week & was taking 2-3 classes in that same week. I was a yogi. I took an intense yoga teacher training in Nashville & came back with even more love for the yoga world. But I was still a home workout person, still an online coach, still loved helping people anywhere in the country that I could reach with a smartphone. So– was I a yogi? Was a a fitness coach & home workout maven? Wait– but I still did some 5k’s with friends, was a still a runner?

Ahhhhh. How am I supposed to know what to be? And now that my husband and I recently moved, yoga is not playing as major part in my life as home fitness– but I’m oddly okay with it for the time being?

I think I need to stop defining myself in terms of ONE THING. My career is in fitness coaching and at-home workouts, cool. I love yoga, cool. I sometimes run in races with my friends because they’re fun. Cool. I can be a FitYogiRunner. I have the freedom to do the kind of exercise that makes me happy, and it won’t always be one thing.

The point in this post is that as long as I’m leading my presence online and in person with integrity, its all good. I don’t claim to know everything about yoga, or building a business in fitness, or training for a marathon. But I speak to what I know, and I find out answers to things I don’t. As I mentor my own team in building their Beachbody business, I work with bakers, Zumba teachers, pharmaceutical techs, teachers, and grad students. We are not all ONE thing. We are many things. And there’s no apology or explanation needed. Go with your heart, do what you love, & don’t claim to know everything. None of us do.

from your friend of many things,

Ash xo

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  1. SO true Ash! You know I love all things that involve a good sweat; from running, to yoga (thank YOU), soccer, to dancing my tush off quite literally during a tush push at the line dancing bar or sweating through my dress at a wedding! The key thing for me is enjoying each thing that I do. My parents often say to me that I’m a bit nuts (in a loving way) when I try a new endeavor of some sort but each one has proved to be a worthy, sweaty, calorie burning, fun, memory-making time!! Times change and my ability to do certain things does as well, but most importantly I keep myself active and happy. Keep on being exactly who you are supposed to be, YOU! Love ya!


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