3 things you NEED to know about network marketing


Network marketing can illicit fear into the hearts of many. Why? I’m not sure. I think because there have been a few companies that give a bad reputation to the rest of us.

I am a proud network marketing professional, specialIzing in fitness & wellness, but in all honesty it took me over a year to be able to explain what I do. I’ve narrowed down 3 things you NEED to know about network marketing before you become involved.

1.) you should NOT be a salesperson

People can smell a salesperson from a mile away. They know if you want to sell them something & run. successful network marketers don’t SELL, they SHARE. Whatever product you market to people you should be using yourself, right? And you probably love it, or you wouldn’t be selling it in the first place, right again? So– stop selling & start SHARING about what you do.
Post pictures of your journey since joining the company– share why it would benefit others by getting involved as well. But don’t sell– if you’re in for the straight commissions, you probably won’t be in ‘it’ for long.

2.) CARE first, talk later


The saying holds true that “people don’t care how much you KNOW until they know how much you CARE.”

Your objective as a network marketer should be to help people, period. But you need to know them first before you can figure out how your business or guidance can help.
We have 2 ears & 1 mouth for a reason. Listen. Ask questions. Hear their answer. When and if an opportunity arises to help them, then explain what you can do. But never before you’ve established a relationship and think of your contact as more than just a prospect.

3.) be consistent through the crickets

If you want to eventually build up your own team of distributors, you’ll want to get really familiar with consistency. You’ll start with 1 or 2 people in your downline.. But I want you to treat those 1 or 2 people like they’re 100 people. See, you need to work hard in establishing connections, but know that people take TIME to consider your offer– some will and some won’t. But the underlying factor is your consistency.
How can you expect your team to work every day if they don’t hear what YOU are doing every day? Check in with them– let them know what you’re doing & how they can grow as well.
Be consistent even through the crickets. When no one responds – when you get zero likes on your Facebook post , when you want to give up, just keep swimming. Because network marketing usually has a 30-90 day delay. The work you’re doing now will pay off, but usually not immediately.
Be realistic, but work hard. In my opinion there is absolutely no better career than working for yourself doing something you love, and I found that in network marketing. This is a business of longevity. Know that it takes time, but guess what? Time goes pretty darn fast. Where do you want to be 2 years from now? Exactly where you are or potentially debt free working from anywhere you want? It’s possible. It’s hard work. It’s amazing.
It’s professional network marketing .

Xo Ashley

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