How to Build Your Ideal Team

I know, network marketing is tough. Well, maybe “tough” isn’t the right word. It’s actually fairly easy… it’s the consistency & laser-pointed focus that may be tough for some people.

In my experience, it’s very easy to get discouraged in this type of business. Someone you know may quit, your family may not “get” it & could be un-supportive, you think you’ve talked to everyone & no one wants in. I get it. Why? Because that was me! I STILL battle those doubts occasionally, but my drive to succeed is THAT much stronger. I know I can do this, and those who choose to stay with me will see why this business, this opportunity, is so worth it.
My problem in the beginning of my career as a network marketing professional was that I was willing to have anyone and everyone join my team. But that, in the long run, held me back. I didn’t fully understand at that point that the Pareto Principle holds true– that only 20% of your coaches will actually see & understand this opportunity, and the rest.. won’t.
That’s not to say those 80% of coaches don’t matter. They do. In the Beachbody World, we have “discount coaches” who are active simply because they love the products, but won’t pursue the business end. No biggie. We still need them in our downline, we still respect & check in with them every once in awhile, but we don’t focus all of our energy on them.
In my first year as a coach, I was breaking my back trying to motivate my 80%-ers and not focusing enough specifically on my 20%-ers. It’s the minority of my team who truly deserves my time, my training and my mentorship. I will scale a mountain for a person who will be trudging up there alongside me. I believe that’s what a leader is, someone who does exactly what they ask of their team, and then some.
What advice can I give to you? Be picky about who you work with. If you don’t want to work closely with someone, don’t ask them to join your team. I recommend creating a “dream team” list of people in your life, or that you just see on social media, who are so incredibly positive, uplifting, encouraging, and just overall someone you would love to talk to everyday. Start a conversation with THEM. Invite them to PEAK into what you do. Ultimately, if you’ve got high standards for your team, those prospects will see how freaking cool you guys are & would absolutely consider doing this as well. That’s what network marketing, to me, is all about— finding a group of friends that you can chat with, work alongside, and with whom you can build an empire …so at least once a year (cough, Beachbody Summit, cough) you can all get together, look at what you’ve built, and just have a great time with AMAZING people. You don’t  have to take 2 years to do this like I did… make no excuses NOW, build a dream team list NOW, and just start communicating with them! (And please don’t word vomit on them about what you do… but that’s a post for another day).
SO- what would my ideal DREAM TEAM coach look like? Remember this is MINE– yours may look completely different!
(yes this is me.. but my dream team girl lifts ME up to a higher standard)
*between 24 and 40 years old
*married, possibly with young children
*loves to read
*involved in some sort of group or team (church group, rec soccer, etc)
*interested in Beachbody but is cautious, asks lots of questions
*very active on social media (perhaps with her own blog, as well)
*loves fitness
*would speak publicly even if they were out of their comfort zone
*upbeat, positive, intelligent
*believes in God
*sharp sense of humor.. the kind that doesn’t put other people down
*someone who is willing to set goals that scare the poop out of them
Phew.. I’m pretty specific, huh? Will everyone fit this mold 100%? Absolutely not. The beauty is now I have an outline for what I’m looking for & can refer back to this list whenever I need to jog my memory of people in my network to talk to. If someone fits ZERO of these qualities.. then I would still love to help them as a customer of mine (if they were open to it), but I would not invite them to be on my team. See the difference? We don’t have to be mean girls and exclude people, but we SHOULD be picky about who we personally mentor.
So– the next time you get down in the dumps about your team’s enthusiasm or leadership skills..don’t take it out on your team; they’re still awesome. Just think about reaching out to NEW people who have MORE of those dream team-like qualities.
You can do this.. the only thing that will ever hold you back is your mindset. But again, a post for another day 🙂

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