30 Day Accelerated Beachbody Coach Training


In honor of Throwback Thursday, I want to throw back to 2012, when I was working at a desk job and at 24 years old, was stressed out because I didn’t feel fulfilled in my line of work.

My life then took me to the coast of Alabama, where I left that desk job and was faced with a new way of making a living. I pattered around at part time jobs & was introduced to Beachbody workouts in August of that year by my friend Hannah.

Working out at home? ehh– not for me. Til I quickly ate my words when I got addicted to this little program called Turbo Fire & jumped around like a crazy person for 5 months.. losing weight, having more energy, and overall feeling happier.

I loved fitness– that I knew. I’d been a fitness instructor for years.. but I couldn’t financially support myself on teaching classes alone. When I learned about the business opportunity in October of that year, I thought it sounded great.. helping people anywhere in the country get motivated to get healthier.

Here’s where I get REAL- there is NO WAY I could have supported myself on that income alone for the first year. You know why? Because I wasn’t acting like it was my business! I wasn’t working from a schedule, I had no monthly goals, and I just “wung it” most of the time.

I was still in a serving job, still unhappy, still holding back from jumping back into an office — where I knew I didn’t want to be. I was making SO many excuses… that I could never compare to the coaches in this business making 6 figures a year. That I couldn’t be as inspiring. That I didn’t have a drastic enough transformation story.

But I never gave up… I started learning to put systems in place, to work from a schedule (even balancing 2 other jobs), to keep moving forward in the direction of freedom from a desk, from a boss, from student loan debt.

Today, I can’t stop getting emotional looking at my paycheck from Beachbody. Today, I’ve earned what I would have earned COMBINED from those 2 part time jobs. Today, I am a coach & I inspire others.. And most importantly– I know how to train NEW COACHES so they don’t have to spend a year wondering how to set themselves up for success in working from home & starting a business.

I’m accepting 5 new ladies next month into an accelerated, 30 Day Coach Training where you’ll learn in 4 weeks what took me 1 year. I remove ALL the guesswork in starting a business from home, and train you each step of the way.

There is a way to have financial freedom, to design the life you want, to work as your own boss with no vacation time to accrue or get approved. Why NOT you?!

Apply online here by 10/20:


Love to work with you!

xo Ashley

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