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The other day I was fortunate enough to be featured on a friends’ site ( & interviewed about my life as a Beachbody Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. I have permission to re-blog, so here is more about my life:

Awesome Interview With Fitness Instructor and Beachbody Coach Ashley!!!

Ashley Howard is a well rounded fitness instructor and Beachbody coach in addition to being an experienced runner and yogi. She fell in love with Beachbody workouts in 2012.  I  can’t blame her.  They are fun!!! On her blog, you can learn about her experience as a Beachbody coach, what she eats(chocolate…yes!!!) and find motivation.  She has a quote at the top of her blog that says, “Life Begins At the End of Your Comfort Zone.”  She agreed to an interview with me. You will enjoy this!!!

Ashley Pluta Howard

Ashley Pluta Howard

1.Explain your mission and role in personal fitness. My mission in fitness is to inspire more people than I could ever reach in person, which is why I’m both a group fitness instructor and Beachbody Coach. I personally help the people who live in my area and can come to my classes, but for those who can’t, I recommend top fitness DVD programs from celebrity trainers like Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Chalene Johnson, and encourage my participants to stay committed to these programs through online fitness accountability & motivational groups that I lead.

2.) What are your personal workouts like? My personal workouts vary. I usually teach classes in the gym 2-3 times a week, which is anywhere from Body Sculpt to Hi Lo (a floor aerobics class), to Step, to Yoga. I also love teaching indoor spinning classes and boot camps. When I’m not teaching, you can usually find me at my “home gym” (aka my living room), working out to DVD programs like the 21 Day Fix, PIYO, Focus T 25, and ChaLEAN Extreme. I aim to lift weights at least 2 times a week and incorporate cardio/flexibility training 3-4 times a week. (sometimes one workout is both cardio and lifting).

3.) What time of day do you work out? I love to work out in the later morning if I’m free to do so (between 9am and 11am). I’m not a super early morning workout person, though maybe someday I will be (hats off to those who workout at 5am!). If I can’t do later morning, I usually teach or workout on my own in the early evening (between 5 and 7pm).

4.) What are your favorite snacks? Oh boy, this is a tough question because I LOVE FOOD! But some of my favorite snacks are a sliced apple with 1 tablespoon natural honey, veggies and hummus, vegan chocolate Shakeology (a nutrient shake I drink for breakfast or a post-workout snack), homemade granola, roasted pumpkin seeds (YUM), raw almonds, and the occasionally small handful of chilled dark chocolate chips 🙂

5.) With all the people looking up to you, do you ever feel pressure to stay in shape and how do you handle it? Do I feel pressure to stay in shape? Sure. But I like to look at it more as accountability to my own health. I think people follow me because I DON’T have a “perfect body.” I have cheat meals like anyone else. I love ice cream and a glass of red wine. I have cellulite on my legs in those tough spots and am naturally curvy. But I promote a healthy lifestyle filled with exercise and moderation in our not-so-healthy indulgences. Over the years I’ve learned to crave that feeling of exercise, so it’s now become second nature for me to workout 6 days a week. So I know I’ll always be there to encourage others, but I won’t be pretending I’m not human and don’t give into cravings or have a super lazy day once in awhile.

6.)What resources such as books or other blogs do you use for personal or working information? Oh gosh, I read books all the time. My business as a Beachbody Coach really promotes and encourages developing yourself personally & professionally, and in the last 2 years I’ve read more self-improvement books than I have in my whole life. Some top ones I recommend are “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, “Push” by Chalene Johnson, and “Start” by Jon Acuff. All 3 of those books give realistic, helpful tips of how to go after what you truly want in life. For fitness on social media, I follow Jenelle Summers on Facebook, @gymgirljessie and @briannasky on Instagram, and read Melanie Mitro’s blog–

7.) Where can people learn more about you? You can learn more about me by Liking my page on Facebook — Ashley Pluta Howard, following me on Instagram @yogi_ashley, or checking out my website:

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