How to find time to workout

How, in your busy schedule, can you find time to work out? I’m talking 20 minutes to 30 minutes to 45 to an hour– where is that time? Whether you’re a stay at home mom or dad, a working businessperson, a student– there’s a way to fit in being healthier and starting a workout routine.

But first- WHY would you want to fit in time to exercise? Isn’t it just another thing on your to-do list? Exercising regularly is so much more than that.. it gives you more energy to do the things you love, it fires up your metabolism, & it perpetuates other healthy behaviors. Do you REALLY want to eat crappy food or drink every night if you’ve been exercising to reverse the effect of those not-so-healthy patterns? Probably not.

So first, I want you to take the word “FIND” out of your vocabulary—we are all busy people, and chances are we won’t “find” a free hour to dedicate to our fitness. So change the word find to the word “MAKE” in your life. You are no longer finding the time to go for a walk, to pop in a fitness DVD, to hit the gym, you’re going to MAKE the time.

There are 4 things I’m asking you to do to make time for fitness:

1.) Make a daily schedule of all your appointments.

On Sunday nights, create a weekly schedule of what you have going on that week, 1 day at a time. Do you have meetings? Class? Kids’ activities? Date night? Write it down. All of it.

2.) Schedule your workout.

Take that same pen or finger you used to write your schedule and make your specific workout a scheduled time on your weekly calendar. Is your schedule too full? Then bite the bullet and wake up 30 minutes earlier to fit in your workout. Time is there– it’s often hidden in watching TV or Facebook scrolling. I’m NOT asking you to sacrifice time with your family.. I’m asking you to take a look at something that could be shifted to make your health a priority.

3.) Tell someone!

Tell someone your goals– if you’re trying to exercise 5 times a week until the New Year– TELL SOMEONE! Post on your Facebook page, call your best friend. When you put a declaration out there, you feel more of a sense of responsibility to it. Better yet, see if you can find a workout buddy, How more committed are you to workout if you know someone is going to be there alongside you?

4.) Nightly recap.

Each night — at least for a month, until you can establish a habit, take 5 minutes and jot down how your day went. This doesn’t have to be a serious journal entry– just a few sentences of how you’re feeling. Did you exercise? How was your nutrition? Did you miss your workout? How did you feel? Try to keep the judgment out of your words.. just simply observe your day.

Over time, little *healthy* habits start to creep into your life. But the first step is finding the time, scheduling it, sharing your goals with someone, & reassessing how you days go. You can set ANY habit you put your mind to– why not make it one that will make you feel better?

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