Eating healthy but still not losing weight?

Quick…if you had to pick which was MORE important, would you say exercise or nutrition?

Obviously exercise has amazing health benefits…but I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: You can’t out train a bad diet. It is so true!

So, I wanted to talk a little bit more about a particular piece of nutrition that many people struggle with: PORTION SIZES. Even if you’re eating a generally healthy diet, you can still struggle with losing weight if you’re eating too much of it!

One thing that I hear from people who have done the 21-Day Fix program is that they’re initially surprised by how small the containers are. If you actually measure what those containers can hold, this is what you come up with:

21 Day Fix Cheat Sheet

And you know what? Those portion sizes are VERY CLOSE to those that the USDA recommends. For women, they recommend 3-4 servings of vegetables every day. And what’s a serving? You guessed it – about 1 cup. If you have these containers, USE THEM! They’re a great guide to portion sizes.

If you’re just becoming aware of your portion sizes, I would recommend measuring out them with actual measuring cups for a few weeks. That way, you’ll get used to seeing what they look like on your dishes. Eventually, you’ll know that if you fill up that bowl 1/2 way, it’s about 1 cup.

When you’re in a rush, I know it’s hard to measure portion sizes. You’re probably not going to drag your measuring cups and spoons out when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning. There’s a great way to estimate portion sizes if you’re too busy to measure: Use your hands!

Healthy hands

When you’re pouring that bowl of cereal – check yourself. Does it look like the size of your fist? When you serve up your chicken for dinner, would it fit on just the palm of your hand?

This was a reality check for me when I first started eating healthier. I realized that I was still eating way MORE than I needed to. It took some adjusting, but I found that if I eat slowly, putting my fork down between bites, I get full eating these portion sizes.

I hope this stuff helps you as much as it helped me. Get out there and eat your healthy portion sizes!!

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