Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers!

Wow, it’s December 1st already! That means there are only 24 shopping days left until Christmas. If you’re one of those people who has their holiday shopping done by Thanksgiving…go away, I don’t like you! Just kidding! I am very jealous of your organizational abilities though.

Brian, me, and our tree!
Brian, me, and our tree!

Unfortunately, it seems like the holidays are just the season of “buying” rather than the season of giving. Not to get all nostalgic – but I remember when I was a kid, my mom would take us to the toy store in our area that had a “wish tree.” It was just a fake tree in the lobby, where kids and families without a lot of money could put these paper ornaments, asking for gifts. My mom would make us pick out a kid and buy the present out of our own money. She explained that these kids couldn’t afford the presents they wanted, and we could, so we should help them out. I was actually excited to buy a gift for another kid, imagining how happy they would be on Christmas morning!

I always remember that when I think about the true meaning of giving. It’s not about buying something fancy and slapping some pretty wrapping paper on it. It’s about taking the time to find out what would make someone else happy.

In that spirit, I wanted to put together a gift guide for you – not composed of expensive tech gadgets or fancy gear. Nope, this is the kind of stuff that is free (or almost free) and perfect for someone in your life that’s on a fitness journey.

1) Healthy meals or snacks.

Fruits and veggies

This is probably the biggest thing that I wish someone would just take care of for me. Healthy eating takes a lot of planning, so take some of it off your fitness-lovers plate! They will appreciate it. Make a homemade coupon book good for 5 healthy dinners, made by you! Buy them an economy pack of their favorite nutrition bars or protein powder. Or if you’re really fancy, look into one of those meal-delivery services like Blue Apron. It can cost a little bit or a lot, but showing your support for your fitness-lovers food choices is always a thoughtful gift!

2) Warm things!

Ash coat

Look, it’s winter…and one of the hardest things to do is to leave your warm bed, put on workout clothes, and start sweating. Anything you can do to make that easier for someone on a fitness journey would be ah-mazing! It could be as simple as writing up your own “gift card” – good for one week of heating up their robe in the dryer for them! It could be setting their slippers next to the bed. Getting them a new pair of warm leggings, a cool mug and a great bag of coffee. Whatever! Just think about anything that would make it easier for them to get up and get moving to stay on track with their fitness.

3) Motivation.  


Ok, you can’t really give someone motivation. But you can do a lot to help! Be their cheerleader! If you’re artistic, make your own motivational poster for someone close to you. If you’re not (like me!) just give them a card saying that you’ll send them motivational texts every morning. Pick up a cool journal and write your own motivational messages across the top for them. Or go a more traditional route and get them a cool personal-development book. When they start to lose sight of their goals, be the person that reminds them why they started this journey in the first place.

I guess what all of these things have in common, and what every person really wants, is support. Doing any of these things for your fitness-lover shows them that you support what they’re doing. That’s worth more than any fancy gift you could buy!


P.S. – if you DO want to spend some money on someone, Beachbody is having some amazing sales (Insanity the Asylum complete kit for $49.95 – Whaaatt!!). BUT they end TODAY, December 1st! So check them out NOW!

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