Modifying Your Workout When You Don’t Have the Equipment!

Happy last-week-of-2015! I hope you all had an amazing holiday.

I know a lot of us are planning our new year’s resolutions already. If you’re looking to start a fitness program, it can be intimidating thinking about all of the equipment you might need. Weights, bands, a bench…if you don’t have a gym membership or a really large basement, it’s probably not  realistic to get a ton of stuff.

But then what do you do when your workout calls for an exercise that you don’t have the equipment for?

You modify!

There’s nothing wrong with switching up an exercise, as long as you’re still hitting the major muscle groups that are supposed to be working. Here are my best tips for modifying some tricky stuff.

Pull ups.

Unless you have a pull-up bar, you will probably need to modify these. Even if you do have a bar, use this method to work up to a pull-up if you struggle with them.


Find a nice sturdy door and open it. Loop a resistance band over the top hinge. Tilt your body forward about 45 degrees, and pull the band from over your head towards your chest. The farther back you move, the harder it will be to pull the band towards you.


Weight bench work.

If you don’t have a weight bench, try using a stability ball! Almost anything you can laying on a bench, you can do on a ball. BONUS: Your core will be more engaged stabilizing your body on the ball.

Position the ball so it’s in the middle of your back, in between your shoulder blades. Keep your knees bent and both feet on the floor during any exercise. Now you’re in position to do chest presses, overhead lat pulls, whatever you need!


Medicine ball.

You can modify any medicine ball exercise, as long as it doesn’t actually involve THROWING the ball! You can use a dumbbell to do Russian twists, squats with overhead presses, or anything else really. If you don’t have a the right size weight…improvise! A gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds. So grab a full jug and get moving!!

water bottle

Remember, the most important thing is just to get your body moving for at least 30 minutes a day. Your workout doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t feel like you’re “not doing it right” if you have to modify something.

If you have questions about these or other modifications, please message me on Facebook or send an e mail to




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