The Healthiest Part of My Day


Whew! I just got back from an awesome, intense weekend in Los Angeles! I was able to attend the Beachbody leadership conference, and I learned so much. It was supposed to be a 2-day trip, but winter storm Jonas had other plans for me. After a LONG day and a half of traveling, I’m FINALLY home!

Traveling nightmare aside, I’m really glad I was able to go. It definitely rekindled my fire to work super hard this year and achieve my goals.

One thing we always talk about in Beachbody is “be a product of the product.” I wouldn’t recommend anything that I don’t personally use, and I’m glad Beachbody has that philosophy too.

Shakeology (Beachbody’s amazing superfood meal replacement shake) has been a part of my life for the past 3 years. In 2015, I drank it EVERY DAY. I’ve never been in better shape or felt healthier than I do now. So, I’m not pushing product here. I genuinely want you guys to know WHY I choose this product over the millions out there.



There are so many different protein powders and supplements out there, it’s hard to know which one to choose! Shakeology is so much more than a protein supplement. But one serving gives you about 30% of your protein intake for the day. In my last e mail newsletter, I talk more about the importance of getting the RIGHT AMOUNT of protein during the day. (You didn’t get it? Sign up here to make sure you get the next one!) Not only that, it has protein from multiple sources. Most supplements are just whey protein, but Shakeology’s protein blend includes chia, flax, and pea! If you’re sensitive to diary (whey), they even have a vegan option that eliminates it.



I seriously can’t find another product that includes all of the superfoods found in Shakeology. If I listed them all, this blog post would be way too long. So here are just a few of the amazing ingredients and their benefits:

Gogi berry, acerola cherry, and pomegranate – antioxidants that fight inflammation and support muscle recovery.

Chlorella, spirulina, and kale – phytonutrients that support immune function and overall health.

Gingko, maca, and maitake – adaptogens that help minimize your body’s response to stress.

I used to take multivitamins and supplements, but I was still only getting a fraction of what’s available in Shakeology. One serving gives you 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin A, B1, B6, and B12 – and 300% of your daily dose of Vitamin C! No need for additional supplements. You could take 5 different pills – or you could just blend up a yummy smoothie! I know what I choose (I hate taking pills)!



I get it – when you first see the price tag on Shakeology, it seems pretty expensive. But let’s break it down for a minute. If you take high-quality vitamins or supplements, you could easily spend that much every month. And after those studies came out of New York, we know that store brands (and even some well-known brands) of vitamins don’t cut it! (When they tested them, some of them were just ground-up house plants! UGH!) So if you’re looking for high-quality nutrition, you get what you pay for.

Think about this – how many times a week do you get coffee from a shop or buy your lunch from a restaurant? If you spend more than $30 during your work week, you could pay for Shakeology with that money. $30 isn’t that much anymore – that’s three $10 lunches, or about 6 fancy coffee drinks. And I know that Shakeology is probably healthier than whatever that $30 is buying you.


Bottom Line.

I drink Shakeology because is an investment in my health. It provides me with the nutrients I need to keep my immune system running well, my body recovering quickly after workouts, and my cravings for sweet things down (did I mention the taste?! – Even my sister, who is super picky and has tried tons of different protein-powder supplements, agrees that Shakeology tastes the best!)

I am a product of this product, and I couldn’t be happier about it! As you can probably tell, I love talking about this stuff, so if you want any more information, please get in touch!

Stay happy and healthy everyone!

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