3 Days To A Fresh Start!

It’s that time again…time for the 3-Day Refresh!


I’ll be honest, before July of this year, I had never actually stuck to a cleanse program. I would always cheat. I’d tell myself I *DESERVED* a treat because I was stressed out, or too busy, or whatever other excuse I came up with!

I think part of the reason I never stuck to cleanses is because most of them don’t actually give you REAL FOOD! Thankfully, Beachbody has figured out that people need to EAT even if they’re trying to clean out their systems!


Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be drinking and eating for the next 3 days:

1) Shakeology – if you don’t know about this amazing nutrition-packed shake yet, read up on it.  I’ll have this for breakfast every morning (as usual!)


2) Vanilla Fresh Shake – I’ll have one of these for lunch and dinner, in addition to a small amount of fruits and veggies. What’s awesome about this shake is that it has 20 grams of protein! Juice cleanses don’t have a good protein source, so no wonder people feel starved!

3) Fiber Sweep – Gotta keep it real…you know when you eat less, you tend to poop less. This fiber supplement keeps things moving for me. All the junk I’ve been eating and drinking will be GONE by the time I’m done with this stuff.

4) Fruits and Veggies! – The 3-Day Refresh program guide has some awesome, simple recipes that I’ll make for lunch and dinner. No matter how much nutrition I’m getting from shakes, I still feel the need to actually chew on something! This cleanse lets me do that.


5) Water – You know it. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially with the extra fiber I’ll be getting.

These were my results from my last round:


I always feel leaner, less bloated, and more defined after this cleanse. It kind of resets my eating habits too. I feel like I get on a sugar kick sometimes, and it’s hard to get off! When I haven’t been eating it for a few days, it’s easier to pass up.

Are you curious? Want to learn more? I’ll be posting about it on Facebook, so check me out! I promise, I’ll be honest about it.

Keep eating (healthfully) everyone!

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