4 Foods to AVOID Completely (and what to replace them with)

I don’t like to talk about what you SHOULDN’T be eating, because I really believe there’s room for all foods in your life (within moderation of course).

Even Starburst jelly beans are ok SOMETIMES!

But there are some things that are just so bad for your body, you just have to say no to them!

1) Artificial sweeteners.

You know this, right? Sweet&Low, Equal, and anything with aspartame is BAD for your body. Yes, they are zero-calorie sweeteners. But there are so many other low-calorie options, there’s no excuse to keep using these chemical-filled ones!

Instead: Try using Stevia, maple syrup, or agave when you need a little sweetness.

My favorite…blue agave nectar!

2) Margarine.

People think of it as the healthy alternative to butter, but it’s actually full of trans fats! Not healthy at all! It may be lower calorie, but putting trans fats into your body is not worth it!

Instead: Use a SMALL amount of actual butter, olive oil, or a vegan butter option like Earth Balance.

More regular grocery stores are carrying it!

3) Microwave popcorn.

I was sad when I found out just how bad this is. It often contains palm oil, which is a source of bad fats. Also, the bags are treated with chemicals that have been liked to thyroid disease! Yikes.

Instead: You can still have popcorn! Just try making it yourself on the stovetop or in an air-popper. You can even get a little gadget that will let you pop your own kernels in the microwave. Then you can add whatever spices you want, while avoiding the fat!


4) Pre-made juices and sweetened teas.

Most of the juices and teas that you find on the shelf in your grocery store are filled with sugar. Check out the label sometime. Some of them have even MORE sugar than sodas!

Instead: Water infused with fruit is a great option! Make your own juice at home (if you have a juicer). Brew your own unsweetened herbal tea and keep a big pitcher of it in the fridge.

Grab one of these nifty fruit-infuser bottles!

Like I said, I’m not big on telling you what you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T eat, but these have absolutely no redeeming qualities. When you think about your nutrition as a whole, you’ll find that just reducing calories isn’t the most important thing. The type of calories you put in your body matters!

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