22 Minute Hard Corps is HERE

What is this new program about?!


So.. it’s Tony Horton. He’s back. Back again. I’m the first to admit I never completed P90x (#triedandfailed).. I dunno, long workouts aren’t for me. I’m busy! I’ve got to get my workout in and keep moving!


^Sound Familiar?!

That’s why I’m so pumped about his newest program- 22 Minute Hard Corps. It’s military-style workouts that don’t require equipment (unless you want to use the sandbag that comes with the program and feel like a bad @$$).

The workouts are cardio & resistance training-focused. And yes, they really are only 22 minutes each day. The program is designed to last for 8 weeks, and there have been some pretty amazing results from the test group:


Okay BUT– can you really get in a workout in 22 minutes a day? Um.. YES.


I had the privilege of working out with Mr. Horton himself as he led some of us coaches through a sneak peek workout back in January. Since then, I’ve been streaming the “sneak peek” workout via Beachbody on Demand– and let’s just say, this picture doesn’t do the amount of sweating I did justice:



I am starting this program from Day 1 on Monday, March 21. Want to join me and get our booties in gear for summer TOGETHER?!

Apply to join my 22 Minute Hard Corps challenge HERE . This month, you get this workout program + eating plan for FREE when you try shakeology– which has been a game-changer for me in my nutrition.

We’ve all got 22 minutes a day, RIGHT?!


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