How to stay healthy during WEDDING SEASON

dsfdfCan you feel it?! It’s WEDDING SEASON! It has ARRIVED!!!


I know many of you guys are getting married, are IN a wedding, or are GOING to a wedding from now til September. Am I right?!

So– with all the events, dinners & celebrations, how can you stay on your path to healthy living??

My biggest piece of advice is LIVE THE 80/20 RULE 

chicken lettuce wraps

Eat healthy, exercise, and be on point 80% of the time. Because the 20% in life will happen. 20% shows up at weddings, on a Friday night with friends, at your sister’s bachelorette weekend in Miami.

I personally live by this motto. Actually, I exercise more like 95% — just because I feel better on days I exercise– so I want to feel better pretty much every day.


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Keep a lid on the alcohol.

I know, it’s delicious. And drinks can be so fun & pretty. But over-indulging is really NOT worth the extra calories, not to mention the “blah” feeling you may get the day after (I want greasy food, trash tv, and a sloth-like day if I’m hungover).

Limit yourself to 2 drinks at a wedding… Or if that’s just not gonna happen, at LEAST drink a FULL glass of water after every alcoholic drink. You’ll be staying more hydrated & you may end up drinking less because your belly will be full.



If you can choose your meal, choose a salad with lean protein. Dressing on the side!

If you’re at an event with a buffet, fill your plate up with veggies FIRST, then go back for the extra stuff.

Skip the bread. Save up those carbs for some wedding cake instead!


Most importantly– whatever event you’re at– DANCE!


Dancing can burn a ton of calories. It’s also a good distraction from taking shots or helping yourself to an extra slice of cake.

Get out there and get MOVING.

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And when the event is over, don’t look at yourself & be shameful to your body. Realize you had an amazing time with friends & family. Chug your water, call your workout buddy, and get BACK on track.


The only way you “fail” at your fitness is if you give up and never try again.


Happy Wedding Season y’all! I just so happen to be writing this blog on my 2nd anniversary 🙂 🙂 And yes, we are going to indulge a bit at dinner tonight and I’m ok with that! 80/20!!


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