Are you ready to be a girl boss yet?

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You’ve seen my posts, you may have some of an idea of what I do. What’s stopping you from learning more about how to be a business owner yourself?

Before we get to that, I feel like you need to know more about me. I am by no means trying to brag or toot my own horn. I just think you all deserve to know where I’m coming from and how I got here. I always appreciate it when my mentors share their stories. It reminds me that they are real people too, with challenges and struggles and victories, just like me!

My story really starts after I graduated college. I did the whole “Corporate America” thing for almost 2 years. I was not happy, and I dreaded Monday mornings. I was at such a boring place in my life that my best friend and I decided to move 1100 miles away.  It seemed like a fun adventure, but when we actually found an apartment and remembered that we had bills to pay…I was at a turning point. Did I want to work in a new office, different location, still defining my life in a Monday through Friday 9-5? No. Not at all, in fact. I wasn’t all about the whole “sitting in one place for 8 hours a day” thing.

But what else could I do? Well, I got 3 part-time jobs and I HUSTLED.

No, I didn’t sell drugs or do anything illegal. But I did work harder than I ever had before (serving + babysitting + teaching yoga = exhausted Ashley!) While I was running around to all my jobs, I did a lot of thinking. I realized that I’m driven enough to work for myself, without a boss telling me what to do, when to do it, and which days in the year I may have off for vacation. I knew that my long-term goal would be to set my OWN hours, take vacation when I want, and get rewarded for my hard work.

But I had no idea what kind of job would let me do that. By the grace of the universe (Cheers, God) I met a friend who introduced me to network marketing through Team Beachbody. I’ll admit it, I was skeptical at first. I asked my friend a million questions (thanks Hannah!) and she patiently answered me – NO it’s not a pyramid scheme  – YES, people have really made it their full-time income. I already knew I loved the Beachbody workout programs, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to sign up as a coach and at least get a discount on things I was already using.

As I learned more from Hannah and other coaches, I realized just how amazing this company can be. I’ve seen a mom lose 60 pounds in 10 months. I have been side-by-side with my cousin-in-law competing in a mud run, something she thought she’d never be physically able to do, after completing a Beachbody program. I’ve seen my mom have more natural energy with drinking Shakeology since she had to stop drinking caffeine. She works out at age 65 (people seriously cannot believe her age) with these programs.


I remember one night I was talking to my sister on the phone, complaining about my 3 part-time jobs and barely being able to make ends meet. I was feeling stuck and told her that I had no idea what I really wanted to do. She said, “Well, what about Beachbody?” I replied, “That’s not really a job, that just something I love to do.”

💡💡💡I wish I could tell you that I had a lightbulb moment right then, but it took me a while to realize what I just said. Eventually, I did realize that I should be focusing my energy on something that I love…fitness and Beachbody!

Did this all happen at once? Heck no. I wanted to give up lots of times.. when I felt my social media presence was hitting no one, when I invited people to workout with me and never heard back. For nearly 2 years, I had to keep my part-time jobs while I built my business. So I was actually even MORE busy than when I started! But I was also a lot happier. I felt like I was doing something that MATTERED.

Fast forward to the third year that I was seriously working on my Beachbody business – I got married to my wonderful husband, we moved closer to my family in Pennsylvania, AND I started being able to support myself on the income I made from Beachbody. I couldn’t believe it at first. I was one of those people that Hannah told me about – the ones that are FULL-TIME Beachbody coaches! I always knew I’d reach this point. But it wasn’t a leap of faith or luck– it was hard work, it was working from a plan, it was having a CLEAR vision for my life.

I’m helping people from home.. I’m out of my comfort zone everyday, and by all means– I do NOT have it all figured out. But I can tell you honestly, I never wake up with the Monday morning blues, I never feel like my work doesn’t mean something, and my heart has been on FIRE for this opportunity to be a #girlboss.


I know this type of job isn’t for everyone. But I also hope that if any of this resonates with you, you’ll contact me so that we can talk more about it. It’s possible, and I’m living proof. my team, BALANCED FITNESS, is going to the top of our company, because I believe so much in the abilities of my coaches. why NOT YOU TOO!? APPLY HERE

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