Nutrition is THAT important, huh?

Fruits and veggies

I always used to go with the notion that I could eat whatever I wanted because I “exercised” every day. Meaning I’d go on a  short run, then come home and have 3 big slices of pizza.

Anyone else GUILTY of that?! Yea.. hands up!

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that it really is all about NUTRITION. Or, as Tony Horton would call it, “what we put in our FOOD HOLE.”

So, as I’m finishing up his newest workout program in a few weeks, I finally decided to REALLY commit to a meal plan. Crazy, right?! Only took 3 years to fully appreciate that my body can’t really change until my eating habits do.

Ash bicep

6 weeks in to this new way of eating and I’m feeling MUCH better. The main thing I’m doing? Eating in MODERATION, but aiming to not eat extra CARBS after lunch.

A typical lunch for me is :


A lean protein (salmon, tilapia, chicken)

A carb (couscous)

A veggie (a favorite  : asparagus with baked almonds)

I worked from home, so it’s easier to prepare these meals. HOWEVER, you can prepare them the night before, or cook in bulk on a Sunday, place into containers, and grab and go for lunch.


DINNER is simply a veggie and a protein. Like chicken and broccoli, or tilapia and green beans, etc.


I give myself a bigger helping of veggies at dinner, but aim to keep the carbs off the plate.

It has been a change, for sure, but it makes sense to me how our biggest meal should really be lunch.. so we don’t overeat at dinner and then go to bed just a few hours later.

My FULL results from this program will have to wait another few weeks, but I can say with tweaking my lunches and dinners — I’ve noticed a difference and I FEEL better. I’ve stuck with Shakeology for breakfast and a few snacks placed in between meals (usually a serving of fruit, or hummus & veggies, or a Kind bar).


There’s no ONE way of eating that will work for everyone, but I’m finally finding what works for me. And hey, maybe pieces of this will work for you too.

Stay tuned for when I reveal my FINAL results after 8 weeks of the 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts and nutrition plan!




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