The Truth about Microwaves (& other things I learned this weekend)

ash floorYIKES.

Yesterday completed weekend #7 of 9 in the quest to obtain my 200 hour yoga teacher certification. But it’s way more than just learning postures & how to teach a class. It’s my monthly dose of inspiration, or thinking/looking at life in a new way, & reminding myself I don’t need to have it all figured out. Life is happening & I have to be present enough to realize that!

But I must say, this weekend was a HUGE eye opener for me. If you couldn’t have already guessed, I’m super into exercise & learning about healthy nutrition. It’s my JOB to be a motivator to other people. The more I can learn about things that harm & also heal the body, the better I can serve others.

We had a nutrition talk this weekend & I want to share 3 things that really resonated with me. Let me preface this by saying I trust my teachers’ research & opinions of what works for THEM, and I also agree with it. I always recommend doing your OWN research before implementing changes (especially if you don’t live alone) & make SMALL changes at a time.

But there are some things in our lives we just don’t need, or need to be cautious of.


  1. MICROWAVES. Don’t use em.dfgfg

Microwaves ZAP nutrients from our food, and can also add carcinogens (aka cancer-causing matter) to the foods we are attempting to heat up. These contraptions just shake up the molecules which causes the food to seem “hot”… minus the nutrients that may have been in there before.

EASY FIX: Heat up your meals, beverages, etc on the stovetop or in the oven. Your health is WORTH the extra few minutes. Make popcorn on the stovetop– it tastes better that way! (In my opinion, anyway).



Tap water isn’t good for us. If you live off of a municipal water supply, there are so many particles and GROSS things in that system.. ingesting it is simply not the best thing we can do. If you live off of well water, you can easily have your water tested so you know what you’re working with.

But if you’re in a city or town & using their water supply, GET A FILTRATION system. Here’s the sad news: Brita filters don’t do much at all. They can remove the big particles from tap water, but the fluoride & chlorine is still very much present (Brita filters can mask the smell of chlorine, but not remove them).

EASY FIX: look into getting a Big Berkey water filtration system:

It easily sits on your countertop, and double-filters your water (pay the extra $20 or so for the additional fluoride filter). Your filters will last up to 18 months for a family of 3). You’ll pay about $300 for the system.. but it’s going to LAST, and it’s going to keep your body much healthier than drinking tap water. & if you’re like me & my husband, we drink A CRAP TON OF WATER. I’m willing to shell out $300 so I know I’m not drinking gunk.

SIDE NOTE: Bottled water isn’t bad. It’s just stripped of EVERYthing.. so it’s “clean”, but you’re not getting any extra nutrients that you would from a double-filtered system. Plus– let’s be nice to the environment & not use a bunch of plastic 🙂




I don’t care if you’re a raw vegan or you eat McDonalds for every meal. What you CAN do right now to start healing your body from the inside out is to start eating more RAW VEGGIES.

Why? We lose some nutrients when we cook our food. You don’t need to make this a big deal, guys. Just add a salad at dinner with fresh, raw veggies (extra virgin olive oil makes a great dressing), add some cut up veggies in a bag with your lunch, have some avocado slices with breakfast.

Raw vegetables (organic & local is even better) will give your body the most nutrients. So don’t think about cutting out things completely or changing your diet altogether, JUST focus on adding IN raw veggies. You can do that, right?


Again– don’t take my word for it– do your own research! But if any of this makes sense to you like it made sense to me.. it’s time to start making some small changes… or, should we say, “upgrades.”



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