How to stay healthy on vacation


Brian and I are fortunate enough to work for ourselves, so we can take some pretty spontaneous vacations 😉 Last week, we spent 5 days in Charleston, exploring this AMAZING city.

But of course, it was a tad tough to stay on track with our workouts + our nutrition while in the car for 6 hours, staying in a hotel, and not being in our regular routine.

However, I stuck by my TOP THREE TIPS to help me not completely fall “off” the wagon, and I encourage you to try these on your next trip too.




I LOVE Kind granola bars, unsalted nuts/seeds, Boom Chicka Pop popcorn. We fill our Yeti cooler with ice, LOTS of bottled water, and snacks. This helps us avoid the ominous fast food drive thru’s



C’mon guys. It’ll save you MONEY and is a much healthier option than sodas, sweet teas, or alcohol. We stuck to waters, and though I DID have a few great craft beers, I followed them up with even MORE water.



Almost everywhere you stay  has a fitness center. Or if you’re renting a house, you have space to pop in a workout DVD or stream something online. OR, go for a long walk or run each day. Do SOMEthing to get your heart rate up, particularly in the morning hours, to jumpstart your metabolism.


No matter what happens on your vacation, don’t use it as an excuse to GIVE UP. This is LIFE and it’s not perfect. It’s messy, and sometimes we make poor health choices. But get back to your routine when you get home without skipping a beat. The only way you “fail” on this journey is if you never try again.


Stay healthy this summer, friends!



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