What You Can 100% Expect While Pregnant!


SO! I’m 19 weeks pregnant, and it’s blowing my mind that I will be HALFWAY through this growing-a-human journey next weekend… holy what the what?! How did that happen??

I think I shared this in my last entry, but we find out the gender in exactly 8 days. I’ll be sharing it as soon as we know, so you won’t have to wait in suspense 🙂 (also, I may be vastly overestimating how much people care about my little babe & whether it’s a boy or girl, but I’ll be posting it anyway!).

So here’s what I want to address today… there is one thing that I 100% GUARANTEE YOU CAN EXPECT IF YOU’RE PREGNANT. 

Ready for it?!

photo-4 copy 4



This is the thing. I used to get all bent out of shape when I’d hear about SOMEone’s morning sickness, SOMEone’s insomnia, SOMEone’s horrible pains and aches and heartburn and nausea.

But that was THEIR journey, this is mine. I have yet to find someone who experienced EXACTLY the same thing I have in these 19 weeks, and that’s the beauty of each person being an individual.

The *only* advice I would give someone (who would ask me first! I’m very into avoiding unsolicited advice) is that I can’t tell you what to expect, and I would advise you against thinking anyone else’s experience may become yours too.

To recap my journey in a nutshell, for example, I have had zero morning sickness. I was extra tired my first month (naps were my best friend), and my appetite pretty much disappeared. After month 2, that leveled out and since then I’ve been feeling completely normal. I have energy to exercise (moderate to high intensity) 6 days a week. I drink a superfood shake that I (& my OB) trust to give me the nutrients to fuel my body & my baby, and I supplement with a prenatal vitamin. My tatas (is there a professional way to say “boobs”?? IDK) have grown a bit and are a bit more sensitive.. but that’s pretty much all I’m noticing right now.

As you can see in the first picture, I’m not quite developing a belly yet, but I know that’s coming. I also know ladies develop their bumps over different times in their pregnancy: some have bumps before me, some will develop after me.

Have my hormones changed? Of course they have. But my husband and I have also been going through a stressful time just in terms of making some big decisions (we are fine! it’s just some extenuating circumstances)… so I can’t quite say my emotions can all be blamed on pregnancy hormones.

Basically, I want this post to be your permission to not worry about what “could” happen to you. It doesn’t matter what your mother, sister, friend, or neighbor experienced. You are YOU and you’re going to have the journey your body is designed to have. YES, I feel strongly about taking the best care of our bodies during this time.. that’s why I will continue to exercise right up until labor (unless of course I need to stop for any medical reason.. but I’m a hard worker bee and as long as I’m safe, I’ll be continuing to sweat every day), but I do think we all just need to recognize our bodies are so unique, and they also inherently know what to do during this time.

But to leave you with some tips SHOULD you choose to follow them: I’ve found daily meditation has helped with my breathing and my patience– I use the app HeadSpace and do a 10 min guided meditation daily. While meditating, I put my feet up a wall to reverse blood flow and give me a burst of natural energy. I drink a TON of water, I exercise, and I get a lot of sleep.

I am actually really loving this time in my life. I can’t say I know how the next few months will be, but if it’s anything like the last 4, I’m looking forward to it 🙂

See ya next week!

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