How I’m Preparing for Once the Baby is Here!


Well, hey! Seriously, I’m humbled that you’re still keeping up with my prego-journey. I’m also pretty proud of myself for keeping this commitment weekly. High five Ash!

Okay, let’s jump right in….

Brian & I will find out the gender of our baby in TWO DAYS! Our appointment is Thursday, January 5th and we’re getting something called an “anatomy scan,” which basically means they will get to check out all the vitals of our little one and be able to tell us the gender (& that he/she is perfectly healthy which of course is what we are expecting and praying for).

Don’t worry, we’re not keeping it a secret ūüôā We’ll be making a public social media post on Thursday evening to share with everyone. (We decided against any gender-reveal parties. Nothing against them.. we’re just super weird & really don’t like attention —side note, 3 years ago I cried when I found out my mom was trying to throw me a surprise bridal shower and begged her to cancel it. I know. WEIRD. I just prefer to not be the center of attention — So we’re just going to call our families first, and then share with everyone).

Saturday will also mark my 20 weeks… so in pregnancy terms, that means I’m officially HALFWAY through this thing. If you’ve read previous entries of mine, you know I’ve really had an easy time so far which I’m hoping continues. I’ve only noticed slight changes in the last week or so — mainly being I’m getting a little more bloated & have been experiencing a little bit of acid reflux. Which stinks because that was the symptom I used to get when I’d be hungover. I’m like c’mon universe! I have had zero alcohol for months- don’t give me that! ūüėČ

SO. What are we doing to prepare?


Uhh, here’s the thing: not that much right now.

Are you falling in love with our unpreparedness¬†yet? Soooo I know it may be customary to want to get things done right away, but we’re not in any rush.

Maybe it’s because our marriage has been one long series of crazy big decisions and moves and constant re-adjusting, that we’re really not too worried about it. Things will come together.

You may know that we bought this current home only back in November, so things still aren’t quite together. BUT, here are some things that, at halfway through, we’re doing to prep for Baby Howard :

  • We’ve designated a bedroom for the nursery and have cleared it out (it was previously our “throw-everything-in-this room-and-shut-the-door room”)
  • I’ve had a baby shower with¬†my side of the family when I was home in Pennsylvania over Christmas (again, not super traditional. I was less anxious this time. We just had family & friends meet at a nice Italian place for dinner & I opened gifts)
  • I’ve been proactively keeping my body healthy: working out 6-7 days a week, putting coconut oil on my belly like CRAZY #nostretchmarks, daily meditation with my feet up the wall for reverse circulation, getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding stress as much as is realistically possible. I’m not a worrier by nature, so I’m not kept up at night worrying the baby may have this or that. I trust it¬†will be healthy and unless I know otherwise, that’s my belief & I’m sticking to it
  • Our friends have been so, so thoughtful and have already gotten us things we really need : a pack n play, a play mat, onesies, gift cards, adorable little toys, books, and most importantly, they love us and support us.. which means more than any gift (but thank you for the gifts! seriously!)


And that’s pretty much all she wrote, folks.¬†

Why?! Because the best thing I can do for myself & the babe is to take things one day at a time. If I get too caught up in details, in what we DON’T yet have, in things that COULD happen… well, I’m doing a disservice to both of us, right?

Take your life a DAY at a time. I’m finishing up the book “The Obstacle is the Way” and a common theme is to remember how brief our time is. Not in a morbid way, more of in a “does this really matter?” why. It’s important to remember this life lasts forever for no one, so any day is a good day to think about what really matters.

So while I don’t know what the future holds, I do know that I can focus on the present moment: choosing health for my body, mediation for my mind, love in my heart, & trust that things will all come together.

GRANTED. I’m no Buddha, and I struggle with this every single day, but at least by becoming aware of what’s important, I’m more likely than not to make some changes to shift my life into a more present, happy one. And what baby doesn’t want to be born into that environment?!


More next week. Thanks for keeping up with my journey!



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