A Day in My Kitchen


So I’m going to take a pause from pregnancy today — things are still going great, still working out, still just a touch of acid reflux but other than that Baby H is rocking out.

I wanted to share today what a typical “day in the life” looks like in my house when it comes to meals. As a health & fitness coach, the BIGGEST question I get is “What do I eat?”.

While I will say that there is no ONE plan that works for everyone, there are several things that I think can work for almost everyone. And that’s because it’s not a diet, or a pill, or anything restrictive. It’s about eating to sustain a lifestyle.

You guys already know by now, I’m all about moderation. I am the girl who will have ice cream, bagels, and (when I’m not pregnant) wine + craft beer. I’m not training for a bikini competition, I’m happy with my body, so I’m not going to feel like I can’t enjoy my life.

That being said, I actually also really enjoy HEALTHY food. It’s amazing what you can pick up on when you’ve seen how your body feels when it’s being given junk, and when it’s being given fuel. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and I know how I feel after each type of food – and I’m betting you do too.

DON’T KEEP READING if you’re looking for a picture-perfect meal plan, or anything meat-gluten-dairy free. I eat pretty much everything in moderation, like I said before, and that works for me (it’s also kept me feeling pretty great during pregnancy). But to answer questions on what meals look like for me, let’s dive in….



Breakfast is usually around 10:30am, after I’ve gotten up, meditated, drank a full glass of water, did my workout (usually 30-45 minutes) & started a bit of work for the day (perk of being my own boss, I make my own schedule!). I typically have:

  • 2 eggs with Himalayan salt and pepper
  • 2 pieces of toast with Earth Balance vegan butter
  • handful of fresh fruit
  • sometimes sautéed kale & peppers

Along with eating this food, I typically drink my shakeology with this meal:


Shakeology can be in place of 1 meal a day, but lately I’ve been drinking it with breakfast because I love having a bigger meal to start my day. I NEVER miss a day – it’s got superfoods that I need!



Lunch is the dark horse of my meals. If I’m going to forget or skip a meal, it’s lunch. I dunno why.. maybe because I’m wrapped up in working that I don’t think to stop and take the time to eat it. BUT, I’m working on that! I told you I wasn’t perfect. When I DO eat lunch, it’s usually around 1:30 or 2pm and consists of:


Protein like chicken, and a vegetable. I also like grilled chicken salads — I’ll throw some chicken on top of arugula & kale, along with some carrots. Dressing is a vinaigrette of some sort, and I’m careful to NOT use a lot. (PS – it helps when we prep lunches like we did here! So easy!)




I could lie and tell you my husband + I get all fancy when it comes to dinner, but we don’t. Usually when we try a complicated dish, we don’t like it. So our go-to meals are SIMPLE (are you sensing a theme here?!)

  • a protein (like fish, chicken, or ground turkey)
  • a carb (like couscous, rice, sweet potatoes)
  • a veggie (we love everything, but especially asparagus & green beans)

Brian usually comes up with some sort of awesome seasoning for the protein & the veggies, that’s his forte. And there we have it! An easy, modifiable dinner.


Of course I love dessert. But some of my tips to NOT overindulge on sweets after dinner are…

  • eating a small handful of refrigerated chocolate chips
  • have a shakeology or vanilla “recharge” shake at night
  • have a PIECE of dark chocolate


And that’s pretty much a typical meal plan in the Howard household. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; nutrition doesn’t HAVE to be complicated. You just have to find what works for you (& your family, if that’s relevant) and find easy recipes that you can enjoy each week. We’re all busy; no one has time to create gourmet meals every night, so just start to come with YOUR typical meal plan, build on it, tweak it, and make sure you actually enjoy the food you’re eating.

Life is meant to be lived, food is meant to be eaten. We can have it all.. in moderation 🙂

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