Coconut Oil is all you Need

Okay so maybe it’s not ALL you need (you know, things like water, and vegetables, and family, and love and all that are important 😍) but really, if you’re looking for a natural product that has SO MANY USES, look no further than coconut oil.

You could google & find probably 100 uses for it, but I want to share my top 3️⃣that I personally swear by (& swear I’ve noticed a difference doing these things).


Before you spend a ton of money for professional teeth whitening (which, let’s be honest, we’ve all thought about) try oil pulling first.

Grab a jar of organic coconut oil, take about a half tablespoon scoop, and swish in your mouth like mouthwash for 10-15 minutes a day.

I know that can seem like a long time, but I set my timer while I’m getting ready in the morning and am busy doing other things. Then, spit it out (not in the sink, either outside or in the toilet- it can clog the sink).. and repeat daily.

Oil pulling naturally removes toxins from your teeth and naturally whitens. I’ve been pulling daily for several months now & have truly noticed not only a brighter smile 😁 but less sensitive teeth.


2.) Cooking


So you’ll need two coconut oils : a jar for personal care, and this amazing spray for cooking!

We LOVE Trader Joe’s coconut oil cooking spray. Think Pam– but a much healthier alternative. We use this spray anytime a recipe calls for a greased cookie sheet. If you don’t have Trader Joe’s near you, check out Amazon!


3.) Preventative stretch mark cream

My last use for coconut oil that I use DAILY is to prevent stretch marks. I’m heading into my 23Rd week of pregnancy and my belly is growing. There are a ton of products on the market – some super pricey- but coconut oil is always at the top of the list to prevent stretch marks. Of course nothing is 100% guaranteed to work, and some stretch marks can be inevitable- but I’m a fan of proaction instead of reaction.

Every night after I shower, I take a spoonful of coconut oil and rub it on my belly, chest, and hips. I plan to do this every night through my pregnancy to help keep my skin hydrated and less likely to leave me with stretch marks. So far: so good, and I’m going to keep it up!


I don’t know where I’d be without Coconut oil.. we go through a few jars a month but it’s one of the best, natural products I’ve added in to my healthy regimen.

I hope you find these uses helpful for you.. and if you use coconut oil regularly for something else, leave me a comment & tell me about it!


Til next time!

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