Pregnancy Update – 24 Weeks. Acid Refluxing. Baby Bumping. Staying Active.


Well, hey there! I’m on the cusp of week 24 in this whole growing-a-human journey, and I must say while I still have a good bit to go, time is going by FAST.

It’s been a minute since I’ve given updates on what life is like right now, so heeeeeere we go!


SO MANY THANK YOUS to our family & friends for the gifts and hand-me-downs! My sister in law especially has been such a lifesaver. This weekend she gave us a crib, a bassinet, TONS of baby clothes, and other random helpful things that us, as new parents-to-be, had no idea we needed.

Brian is also painting the baby room — just the same color as the rest of our walls, but it really needed painting. So now baby H’s room is the same light gray/blue as the rest of our house and it looks a lot better than the old dark blue.

My Alabama baby shower is on February 17 – and my mom & sister will be in town for it! Yay! So after that point, we should know what all we still need, and we’ll have a few months to get everything in order. Overall, things are coming together and I’m impressed at the smoothness of it all.



I am feeling some kicks!! Well, mostly they feel like butterfly flutters, and they’re too soft for Brian to feel anything, but I feel them multiple times a day. My placenta is in the front, which softens some feeling for me, but over the last week or so she’s really making movement and I know what I’m feeling isn’t just my stomach or indigestion.

Also, acid reflux is a struggle… but it’s not terrible. Most afternoons I’ll get a bout of acid reflux but it’s usually over after I eat something.

I don’t fit into my jeans anymore… so sad 😦 But yoga pants are my best friend, and I haven’t had to get into maternity pants yet. Though I am excited to get a pair of those maternity jeans!

I’ve always been pretty open about talking about this, but I am not sure I want multiple kids. Of course I’ll never say “never”, but if our lives are fulfilled with one, I don’t feel any pressure to have another one. So, with that in mind, I want to be as minimal as possible when it comes to things we’re collecting for little babies, and for maternity clothes for me. So far, so good, but I know things will shift a bit as we head into the 3rd trimester.

It’s also been a bit uncomfortable for me to sit for longer periods of time, and I’ve noticed some shortness of breath. These come in pockets, but mostly they’re a passing feeling.

And yes! I do still exercise daily. My routine is 6 days a week, with Sunday being completely off or light yoga. I really credit this to feeling so much better when it comes to having energy and being able to sustain energy throughout my day.



Mostly just breakfast food! I love eggs, toast and fruit. I pretty much eat it daily for breakfast. I also am glad that I’m still craving veggies. I get 7 servings in each Shakeology shake that I have, but I like to eat more vegetables throughout my day — sautéed kale is a favorite, along with bell peppers.

While I have been over-indulging a bit with the sweets (if you live in Birmingham… all I’m going to say is try Sprouts’ fresh cookies. OMG.) I’m overall proud of how I’ve taken care of my body so far during this pregnancy.

I’ve gained about 5 pounds (say what?! I thought you didn’t weigh yourself, Ashley!) I DON’T weigh myself, but every time we go to the doctor, Brian looks at what I weigh (I cover my eyes) and tells me how much I’ve gained. I don’t need to know my weight, but I am curious about how much I’ll gain during pregnancy.

We go back again on Thursday and I know I’ll have gained more by then. It’s a different feeling for sure– having my whole life/livelihood being about staying fit + helping others… to know that my body will be growing and getting bigger. I think what helps me is controlling what I can control. I don’t need to “eat for 2”, and I get motivated to eat healthier knowing that what I consume, she consumes. I can’t say I love that my body gets bigger, but I know it’s for an amazing purpose. And I’ll have one heck of a motivation to get my body back in shape this summer!

All for now — thanks for checking in on my journey!




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