Is motivation a real thing?

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Is motivation even a REAL THING??! I mean really, do you believe in constant, ongoing motivation? I don’t 😑
This week I’ve heard from several ladies struggling with motivation to exercise, to eat healthy, to wake up/rinse/repeat the next day.
I think I’ve finally got the answer 👉 motivation is like that fun cousin you only see at holidays. They pump you up, you have a great time together + are in the best mood. But then they leave, and it’ll be awhile before you see them again.
So in the meantime, we go back to our ho-hum routine. And that’s where we sit back & wonder why our lives are no different.
HERES HOW YOU FIX IT! You replace motivation with habit. It doesn’t matter if I’m not high-on-life-after-a-cousin visit, I wake up & choose to do things that will move me forward in my life. And you just… keep…going.
It’s not sexy. You’re not going to see results right away. You’re not going to wake up EXCITED everyday to get your sh*t done. But do it. Every day. If you miss a day, don’t miss the next one. It’s that simple.
Because then, one day you’ll turn around and realize YOU’RE the fun, purpose-driven, inspirational cousin everyone wants to see more than just twice a year

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