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Just a girl who decided to leave the corporate world behind & build an online fitness coaching business. And hey – with hard work over time, it worked 🙂

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A few years after college, I found myself in an office cubicle with nagging questions in my head. “Do I really want to sit at a desk forever?” “Why don’t I get the least bit excited about what I do?” I would get anxious on Sunday nights, dreading the inevitable Monday morning feeling. What other choice did I have– since that’s what society tells us to do, right? Go to college, graduate, get a steady job, and be happy. But I wanted more.
As fate would have it, I ended up leaving my job & relocating to another state to be with my (now) husband. It was the best, and most challenging, time in my life. I had adventure, but I also left behind a steady salary in exchange for smaller, part time jobs. It was during this time that I met my great friend Hannah, who just so happened to be a Beachbody coach & introduced me to this kick-butt home kickboxing program called Turbo Fire.
I’d always had a passion for fitness (I’d been a group exercise instructor since college), but never knew how to make it a full-time income without going the personal-trainer route. After realizing how much I enjoyed, and commited to, working out at home with these programs, I started learning about the Beachbody coaching opportunity. I had the vision that I could work from home, inspire other people, and someday — with hard work & focus — make it my sole income. So on that October day in 2012, I signed up as a coach and never looked back.
It turns out, I was right. After a few years of hard work, I am a full-time coach who teaches yoga, another one of my passions, on the side. I now mentor other coaches to find success in their fitness + finances as well, and together we have created my team, Team G.L.O.W. (which stands for Gracefully Lifting Other Women).
I’m so happy, but I’m not stopping here. I have big goals that I know I can achieve through hard work with Beachbody. I continue to increase in my weekly income & am mentoring an amazing team of coaches.
I’ve learned a lot along the way, but the most important lesson being that NOW is always the time to build the life of your dreams.
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Ashley Howard

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