New Coaches Start Here!

Lesson 1: WELCOME to LESSON ONE of New Coach Academy!

Today is all about the your WHY and the VITAL BEHAVIORS that we are coaches aim to do daily. Please watch my video:

Whether you are interested in jumping RIGHT in to building your business or you’re just curious to be getting more information and starting very gradually with sharing your story more often and aiming to be a motivator on social media, it’s my goal that after this video, you’ll know a few action steps that you can take on a daily basis to get things rolling.

I believe that all coaches, no matter where you are on your journey, should be following these 4 vital behaviors to really help them stay committed & motivated on their journey.

So your ACTION STEP today (please email me with these answers) is as follows:

1) what is a piece of your WHY?! (the reason you’re a coach; the reason you’re committed to your health; whatever resonates with YOU)

2) why are you proof that the products work? (what workout program are you doing; what shakeology flavor are you drinking?)

3.) what are you reading or what book WILL you pick up for personal development?

Your bonus action step is to post at least 1-2 times on your social media platforms today; something about your life or something that you could share that you think would help/just be of common interest to the people following you.


Lesson 2: RECAP RESOURCES + Posting + Transformation Tuesday today!

Welcome to lesson 2! Today’s video goes over weekly calls/trainings that you’ll need to be plugging into, and we talk about starting to post to share your stories!

Please watch the video here:

I KNOW posting something a little vulnerable can be scary.. but that is truly how we connect to others on a deeper level — and it really is when we get out of our comfort zone that we start to see things move forward:

ACTION STEP (email me your answers):

✔any questions about the National Wake Up call, Team Hardcore trainings + our challenge group Zooms?

✔post your first TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY post on your profile! It doesn’t have to be an intense side-by-side weight loss pic (it can if you have that story + want to share it, though). But it can simply be a picture of you sharing about how something physical or mental is different in your lives than it was in the past. This is exciting!!



Welcome to LESSON 3 of New Coach Academy! Please watch today’s video:

Today is all about the POWER HOUR and how to simply start connecting with people, since we are in a relationship business! Let’s figure out WHEN you’ll be doing your power hour, how you will track your progress & what activities you’ll be doing in that time.
ACTION STEP: choose the time for YOUR power hour and email it to me. Will it be the same time each day? What will you be doing in your power hour?


Lesson 4: Success Club, Master List and Emerald Rank

Now, let’s get a little more into the *business* and earning side of things. If beginning to work your business & start to help others gets you EXCITED, my first goal for you financially is getting your own costs covered. By helping 3 new people a month join our challenge groups and thereby achieving “Success Club” for that month, you are not only helping them, you are also getting YOUR costs covered for both shakeology + your business fee.

Also, down the road it’s important to note that growing a TEAM of coaches and helping them reach their goals will provide you with growing, consistent income in this business. If that’s a vision of yours, knowing about and setting an intention to achieve the first rank in this business, Emerald rank, is important for the reasons I mentioned in the video.

So how does this all happen — helping people, growing your team, etc? It starts by doing the VITAL behaviors each day and making sure to TALK to people! We are a relationship-business that takes time to build; so the sooner you start to build on them, the more opportunity you’ll have to seriously help other people.

Just a recap of the things you want to do on a DAILY basis to help yourself + your coaching business:

**post daily on social media — be REAL and be YOU to attract your ideal audience. Share your story at LEAST once a week

**read/listen to personal development (National Wake Up Calls, Team Hardcore webinars, get on the challenge group  Zooms & whatever you are reading on a daily basis)

**WORKOUT! + drink your shakeology

**TALK to 3-5 new people a day. “friend” 3-5 new people a day

**have a TRACKING system in place, and always know the date of the upcoming challenge group – connect with people daily so you can begin to understand if you can help them!


1) Email me : do you understand how Success Club works? When is your first FULL month as a coach?

2) Did you download your Master List & start working in a “power hour” today?



Lesson #5: Attracting & Connecting with your Niche Market via a FREE Support Group

In this lesson, you’re not going to be hearing from me.. But you’ll be hearing from an amazing coach, Meg Kozlowski, speak about an *important* topic— helping your NICHE market by becoming a “self-proclaimed expert” on a topic YOU are interested in.


What is YOUR general topic of support that you will use to open up a “support group”? Text me to schedule a 1:1 call over the next few days so I can help you plan, implement, and open your group!


Lesson #6 : Be Who You Want to Attract

Hey team!! Can’t believe we are on lesson six  already! Today is one of my favorite lessons –> how to SELFIE responsibly and how to be a brand in your own right.

First, please watch the video:

ACTION STEP: Email me a selfie & share the 5 things YOU are about, which will be represented in YOUR daily posts. 


Lesson #7: How To Invite

Okay, it’s time to talk about what to do after you’ve had conversations with the people you’ve been reaching out to 1:1 in messages.

I want you guys to understand that inviting is part of our business, but it doesn’t have to be scary! I’ve come up with a 3 stage invite process:

Stage 1: Initial contact (you aim to do this at least 3 times a day): say hello, ask how they’ve been! (Is it their birthday? Did they like your photo? Reach out!)

Stage 2: if they’ve responded and you’ve had a conversation, your next step is to invite them to your free support group! In your own words, but “hey! I don’t know if you’d be interested, but I recently opened a ____ group + thought you may like to join. Would you like to be added?”

Stage 3: after your first ‘organized’ week of your free support group, invite them to our next challenge group – first, invite them to the event promoting the challenge, and then send everyone a personal invite (I like to get their feedback on the support group + ask if they’d consider working together more on their health goals.)

Then, if they say yes, I like to ask about their fitness (what are they doing now for workouts?), their nutrition (where do they struggle?) and their overall goals in their health. Of course it may vary based on each person, but that’s my general guideline.

After that, I then send them THIS video I’ve created breaking down our best deal, the All Access Challenge Pack, where I also share my story and how I really believe I can help them:

Then we follow up! I’ve found the video really helps show the value + put things in perspective.  You’ll be creating one yourself too, if you decide a video from you will be more helpful than writing out details to someone.


1.) do the 3 stages of conversations make sense? (Again this is where having a tracking system is so necessary!)

2.) set a date to kick off your free support group (ideally in the next 2 weeks) and be sure we’ve had our 1:1 talk so I can help!

3.) are you open to creating your own ‘what is a challenge group + what does it cost?’ Video?


Lesson # 8: Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Today, you’ll learn about HOW and WHY to track follow ups, and you’ll learn about my 3-step rule & timeline for following up. Check out my video:

**ALSO, just a quick reminder to be sharing photos of YOU & talking about your life on your page.. I’ve checked out some of your pages and I still don’t see many of YOUR smiling faces — that is what generates interest and builds trust, so think about your posts being just as important as the conversations you begin to have**


1.) Does the 3 step follow up system make sense and seem like something you can easily implement into your conversations?

(this goes back to.. HOW are you tracking your business?! Something you absolutely NEED to do as a Beachbody Coach, whether it’s the Weekly Coach Tracking file in this group, a notebook, google docs, a spreadsheet — you need to be tracking who you’re talking to).


Lesson #9 : INSTAGRAM TRAINING – Growing your COLD Market

So now you know how to connect with people, you know how to invite, and you know how to follow up; and you should be doing those things on a daily basis.

But coaches need to be meeting and connecting with NEW people every day (aka your ‘cold market’).. And why not connect with people with whom you already have mutual interests?! That’s where INSTAGRAM comes in! You need an IG account, now let’s learn how to start connecting with others from a very successful coach, Jenn Richardson:

Also, another great way to grow your cold market is joining Facebook groups of things you’re interested in/things you’re about usually outside of fitness. Once you’ve found a few groups, join them, and if the people fit your ideal network, post questions/interact at least a few times a week. If I connect with someone back & forth in a Facebook group, I usually send them a friend request and talk in 1:1 messages at that point.


What is your list of “10 interests” that you’ll search to find common/popular hashtags? I also recommend searching verified Instagram accounts of places & people you’re interested in, seeing who *comments* on those accounts and finding people there.

How will you be tracking your Instagram contacts specifically? Ps- feel free to post the same posts you currently do on Instagram, as long as it’s a clear photo + aligns with you WHO are 😊



Lesson #10 : Realistics GOALS in Months 1,2,3,4, and onward in your business

You’ve made it! Welcome to Lesson #10, our final lesson!

Your NEXT STEP is to join the Advance to Emerald training I share below, but you *must* be completed with all of these 10 lessons first to get a spot.


Where do YOU want to go from here in your business? Remember, this is totally up to you, & I’m here to help every step of the way. You set the pace and I mentor you throughout the process.

If you are ready for the next step, we need to schedule a 1:1 call to go over this training and streamline your goals for the coming month!

The next step training is about understanding the importance of & working toward your first rank goal in this business, Emerald Rank, so please request to join the group below as we start a new 4 Day “Advance to Emerald” every 3rd week of the month.








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