3 Days To A Fresh Start!

It’s that time again…time for the 3-Day Refresh! I’ll be honest, before July of this year, I had never actually stuck to a cleanse program. I would always cheat. I’d tell myself I *DESERVED* a treat because I was stressed out, or too busy, or whatever other excuse I came up with! I think part […]

How I Became My Own Boss

Woohoo, this is my 50th blog post! I feel so accomplished guys. Posting every week has definitely been a challenge sometimes, but I’m glad that I’ve stuck with it. I hope you all find some value in my ramblings ­čśÇ Since I have a bunch of new readers, I thought it’d be good to take […]

How to Build Your Ideal Team

I know, network marketing is tough. Well, maybe “tough” isn’t the right word. It’s actually fairly easy… it’s the consistency & laser-pointed focus that may be tough for some people. In my experience, it’s very easy to get discouraged in this type of business. Someone you know may quit, your family may not “get” it […]

energizing yoga poses you CAN do

We all feel tired during the day, unless you’re some supersonic crazy energy person (…I am not). So, I’ve chosen 3 yoga poses you can do, or work up to doing, when you feel tired & need a natural energy boost. Cool? So take 3 deep breaths & LEGGGO! I’m feeling more awake already.┬á 1.) […]

ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph.. which one are you?

I think it’s so important if you’re on a fitness journey to learn about your natural body shape. I struggled for years (and, admittedly, still am not 100% confident) with being athletically curvy. I was never a super slim type girl; I was always┬árunning in soccer or in a permanent squat position in field hockey. […]

why are we scared to lift?

Ladies — If you’re anything like me, when you first got into fitness you had that freak-out moment. “Omg. I’m supposed to lift weights? So won’t I.. Bulk up and look like a female bodybuilder??” In short- no. Because of your lack of testosterone. Unless you are taking steroids, you will not become ‘bulky.’ Lifting […]