My Broken Relationship

I debated on whether or not to discuss this topic on my fitness blog. But you’re on here to see a glimpse into my real life, not something I create for social media. This is me, these are my experiences, and I don’t know how to be anyone else, so here goes. Let me preface […]

top tips for an energizing day

I struggle with that mid-afternoon slump.. I would bet most of us do. But I’m one to stay away from sugary things to pump me up (..only because I know I’ll just fall back down again 30 minutes later). I’m all for natural forms of sugar rushes, and here’s what I’ve found to be the […]

what I wish I knew a year ago

We all wish we could go back & shake our former selves sometimes, don’t we? Like MAYBE I didn’t need to go out of state for college & take out a gazillion loans to pay for it… and I REALLY could have done without those embarrassing moments (don’t be all crazy as a teen & […]

4 things I eat when I crave SWEETS

I crave chocolate. A lot. I also love ice cream. And sometimes I have both– because this is life, and life is meant to be enjoyed. But too much of a sweet thing usually results in an unhappy stomach for this girl. SO I’ve found 5 go-to snacks that combine healthy & sweet, & satisfies my […]

hustle for your dreams

My mid to late 20s are quickly turning in to some of the most difficult and heart-wrenching years of my life. I know, dramatic, right? I’ve found part of what lights up my soul is helping people discover that they don’t have to settle for a job they aren’t in love with. My post today […]

3 healthy food substitutes you need to know about

I’m all about my meals being flavorful. You could say I’m the kind of fitness-minded person who cares about food as much as her mid-afternoon occasional nap. Which is, to say, a lot. And I’m all about not changing TOO many things in your nutrition at once, because I believe that’s a recipe for disaster. […]