The Secret to Meatless Meals

I’m not a vegetarian. My husband loves to hunt, and I will gladly eat venison. Chicken is a staple of my diet. But, I like experimenting with meatless days. I love salads, roasted veggies, etc. Sometimes we forget about protein on those days, and then we wonder why we’re hungry 2 hours later. So, even if you’re […]

what does clean eating REALLY mean?

Is it washing off your fruit before you eat it? No, but that’s still a very good idea 🙂 So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@yogi_ashley) I talk a lot about “clean eating.” And I realize sometimes I overuse that word and under-explain what I mean, so I recently came across a […]

fake it til you make it

I’m always humbled, and a little surprised, by the people who tell me that I’m inspiring. Because honestly, it’s not like I wake up every morning and say WOW.. I’m feeling so inspiring today! Most of the time, okay– 99.9% of the time– it’s a lot less glamorous than it looks. And it all started […]

4 things I eat when I crave SWEETS

I crave chocolate. A lot. I also love ice cream. And sometimes I have both– because this is life, and life is meant to be enjoyed. But too much of a sweet thing usually results in an unhappy stomach for this girl. SO I’ve found 5 go-to snacks that combine healthy & sweet, & satisfies my […]

is yoga a religion?

I often wonder how to answer people who would ask me if yoga was affiliated with any type of religion. And awhile ago, my cousin told me that a friend of hers has always wanted to try yoga, but wouldn’t because it doesn’t align with her religion. Maybe I can’t help that woman, but if […]

3 healthy food substitutes you need to know about

I’m all about my meals being flavorful. You could say I’m the kind of fitness-minded person who cares about food as much as her mid-afternoon occasional nap. Which is, to say, a lot. And I’m all about not changing TOO many things in your nutrition at once, because I believe that’s a recipe for disaster. […]