What kind of workout SHOULD you be doing?

People often ask me about what type of workout they should be doing to get X result (X could be losing weight, getting toned, having a flat stomach, etc., etc., etc.). No matter what result they’re looking for, I want to respond: ALL OF THE WORKOUTS! Let me explain: I’m not a crazy person who […]

my life as a coach and fitness instructor

The other day I was fortunate enough to be featured on a friends’ site (http://fitgal.squarespace.com) & interviewed about my life as a Beachbody Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. I have permission to re-blog, so here is more about my life: Awesome Interview With Fitness Instructor and Beachbody Coach Ashley!!! October 18, 2014 Ashley Howard is […]

3 things you NEED to know about network marketing

Network marketing can illicit fear into the hearts of many. Why? I’m not sure. I think because there have been a few companies that give a bad reputation to the rest of us. I am a proud network marketing professional, specialIzing in fitness & wellness, but in all honesty it took me over a year […]

my daily meal plan

Hi team! I get a lot of questions on what to eat & when.. and while I’m NOT a nutritionist, I have changed my eating for the better these last 2 years and have learned some tips. I’m also a serial-eater — when I find meal options that work for me, I tend to stick […]

what does clean eating REALLY mean?

Is it washing off your fruit before you eat it? No, but that’s still a very good idea 🙂 So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@yogi_ashley) I talk a lot about “clean eating.” And I realize sometimes I overuse that word and under-explain what I mean, so I recently came across a […]

a sucky life or an empowered life .. your mindset is everything

This subject has been on my mind (no pun intended) a whole lot lately. I’m usually not one to talk about my weaknesses, but if you’re investing in me & reading this, the least I can do is be honest about what I’m going through. Transitions are tough. Moves are tough. I don’t think anything […]

My Broken Relationship

I debated on whether or not to discuss this topic on my fitness blog. But you’re on here to see a glimpse into my real life, not something I create for social media. This is me, these are my experiences, and I don’t know how to be anyone else, so here goes. Let me preface […]

energizing yoga poses you CAN do

We all feel tired during the day, unless you’re some supersonic crazy energy person (…I am not). So, I’ve chosen 3 yoga poses you can do, or work up to doing, when you feel tired & need a natural energy boost. Cool? So take 3 deep breaths & LEGGGO! I’m feeling more awake already.  1.) […]

top tips for an energizing day

I struggle with that mid-afternoon slump.. I would bet most of us do. But I’m one to stay away from sugary things to pump me up (..only because I know I’ll just fall back down again 30 minutes later). I’m all for natural forms of sugar rushes, and here’s what I’ve found to be the […]

5 foods to never put in your body

I generally like to keep things uplifting & positive on this blog, along with what we CAN do to get healthier.. but sometimes you just need the low-down on what NOT to do.   In today’s case, here are 5 common foods to start seriously cutting back/eliminating altogether from your diet:   1.) Artificial Sweeteners: […]