What if you let yourself dream BIG?

What if you started your own virtual fitness coaching business and were able to get in the BEST shape of your life, help other people along the way, and build an income for you + your family?

If I hadn’t decided to become a coach years ago, my life would look 100% different than it does today. I’d still, most likely, be unhappy in an office cubicle, working only for the weekends and for my 2 weeks of vacation per year, and I would NOT be able to be a stay-at-home mom to our daughter.

Instead, I have build a business I can literally take ANYwhere. I don’t have to ask anyone for vacation time. I get to choose who I work with and WHEN I work. I have retired my husband who is able to travel with me instead of being stuck in a job that allowed for very little time off.

 I also know I will ALWAYS be motivated to keep on track with my health + fitness journey because of the people I surround myself with on a daily basis.

Why NOT you, too?

It’s going to take work, daily commitment, & having a clear vision of where you want your life and your business to go, but you CAN do what I’m doing. This opportunity doesn’t play favorites or discriminate. If you do the work, if you stay in a positive mindset, if you BELIEVE you can do this… well, then your life can look incredibly different in just a few years than it does today.

So, what is “being a coach” all about?! Check out the testimonials from some coaches on my team + then tune into my my short (12 min!) video about my journey with being a coach and how it has changed my life. The, you’re ready to fill out the application below so we can keep this vision moving forward!

STEPHANIE I joined Team GLOW as a coach in July 2018, three months postpartum with my daughter. I had always loved working out, but was a classic yo-yo dieter, and was struggling to find my way back to sustainable fitness in my new mom life. I was transitioning back to work after maternity leave and honestly thought I was a little crazy for not only starting a fitness journey, but taking on coaching too! But, I knew I needed extra accountability to actually stick to it!
I found that accountability and SO MUCH MORE. The community of women supporting women is unreal! It’s seriously a sisterhood of passionate women wanting to better themselves physically, emotionally, financially…really all around.
Sure, there are some days that I am crazy busy (yes, I work a full-time job outside of coaching!) and am exhausted (momming a 1-year old little girl and pregnant with #2 due in November, but coaching has given me the opportunity to dream for me again. To go after something more than just the daily grind. It’s honestly my passion project! I get to better myself, help others, and work to build my family another income stream doing something I love with people I can’t imagine my life without!
CHRISTI Before coaching, I was famous for living that yoyo life when it came to fitness. I was either all in with training for a race, or couchsurfing! But I knew that there had to be more, I just didn’t know how to do it on my own. When I came across my coach Ashley, I knew I needed to do what she was doing. Extremely consistent with her fitness AND helping people in the process. One year later, I can honestly say that coaching is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. And it’s a gift I get to pay forward every day! I’ve never felt stronger, happier, or more confident in my life. The coaching opportunity has quite literally given me my life back. It’s at the top of my grateful list daily!
DANIELA Coaching has given me so much. I’ve got a whole set of friends I talk to every day, who have the same goals that I do and who push to be better, healthier people. I adore these people and I’d have never met them, if not for coaching. I’ve learned so much from them.
It helps me focus on my own health and fitness, even as a busy working parent. I’m showing my daughter that being healthy is important.
It has helped me organize my time and become a better person overall because of the focus on personal development.
My family and friends are getting healthier because they see my lifestyle and are trying it, too.
Coaching has changed my life. If a lot more people tried it, they’d see their life can improve exponentially, too.
HEATHER I became a coach initially for extra accountability on my own health/fitness journey. It helped me stay dedicated to my workouts daily and eating on my nutrition plan because the #1 thing you have to do as a coach is be a product of the product! I brought a few people on board with me when I first started and watching this whole program transform their lives made me want to be more active as a coach. I am now building a business, adding other ladies on who also want to change their lives and build their own businesses, and am making money every week. I have big goals and my full-time job in healthcare is not going to get me there financially. This is going to make the difference! Do what you love so you never have to work a day in your life, and this is it!
I can whole heartedly say that since becoming a coach 6 weeks ago, it has made a huge impact on my health, personal development & finances and has also given me the opportunity to help a handful of people so far with their own journeys. Saying yes to coaching is the best decision I could’ve made and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. I am able to show my daughter that hard work and determination pays off and the rewards are truly priceless. However, it has been extremely nice to pocket a little extra cash from my hard work (that truly doesn’t feel like work most of the time!). 6 weeks in and I can only imagine where this journey will lead me!
TESSA Coaching has changed my life. When I started it helped me build my confidence and learn to love working out. It gave me extra money to travel and led me to meet new people by helping them fall in love with their body again too! It got me through pregnancy and now my postpartum journey by keeping me active. The coach team has turned into my second family and I don’t know what I would do without them!

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